Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 97

1. Obviate
[A]Rebellion; Uprising
[B]Attitude Of One Who Is Ready To Accept Defeat As A Natural Outcome
[C]Strong Point Or Special Talent
[D]Make Unnecessary; Get Rid Of

2. Odium
[A]Guilt; Self-Reproach
[B]Repugnance; Dislike
[C]Pertaining To The Aurora Borealis
[D]Authorized Agent

3. Onslaught
[A]Ill Luck
[B]Viscous Assault
[D]One Who Is Introspective; Inclined To Think More About Oneself

4. Opportune
[A]Physician Specializing In Delivery Of Babies
[B]Trace; Remains
[C]Timely; Well Chosen

5. Oracular
[A]Lazy Person
[B]Foretelling; Mysterious
[C]Neigh Like A Horse
[D]Causing Insensitivity To Pain

6. Orientation
[B]Trembling; Wavering
[C]Act Of Finding Oneself In Society
[D]Pamphlet; A Region Of Indefinite Size

7. Ostentatious
[A]Given To Joking
[B]Slaughterhouse; Science Of Carnage
[C]Active Strength
[D]Showy; Pretentious

8. Ovoid
[A]Deserving Blame
[B]Woman Who Rules A Family Or Larger Social Group
[D]Made Less Dense (Of A Gas)

9. Palatable
[A]Someone Who Wastes Money
[B]Open To View
[C]Agreeable; Pleasing To The Taste

10. Paltry
[C]Insignificant; Petty
[D]Victim; Object Of A Hunt

11. Pander
[A]Suitable; Practical; Politic
[B]Kindly; Doing Good
[C]Cater To The Low Desires Of Others
[D]Unclear Or Doubtful In Meaning

12. Parameter
[B]Causing Sadness, Compassion, Pity; Touching
[C]Limits; Independent Variable
[D]Pedestal; Raised Platform

13. Parasite
[B]Animal Or Plant Living On Another; Toady; Sycophant
[C]Meeting Place
[D]Crisis; Joining Point

14. Parochial
[A]Purging Or Cleansing Away Any Passage Of The Body
[B]Narrow In Outlook; Provincial; Related To Parishes
[C]Thin Layer; Cover

15. Passive
[C]Not Active; Acted Upon

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