Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 96

1. Monarchy
[A]Natural Talent Or Inclination
[B]Stir Up; Disturb
[C]Government Under A Single Ruler
[D]Make Friendly After Quarrel; Correct Inconsistencies

2. Moratorium
[A]Aversion; Dislike
[D]Legal Delay Of Payment

3. Morose
[A]Limited; Restricted
[B]Having An Evil Influence; Virulent
[C]Ill-Humored; Sullen
[D]Bring To A Halt Confusion

4. Mundane
[B]Similarity; Parallelism
[C]Worldly As Opposed To Spiritual
[D]Holding; Having A Good Memory

5. Muster
[A]Not Essential; External
[B]Gather; Assemble
[D]Occupy Fully

6. Narcissist
[A]Limited Quantity
[B]Interpret Secret Code
[C]Conceited Person

7. Nave
[A]Furnisher Of Foodstuffs; Caterer
[B]Without Feeling; Not Affected By Pain
[C]Main Body Of A Church
[D]Settle Comfortably

8. Nether
[A]Chew The Cud; Ponder
[C]Apart; Reserved
[D]Highly Successful Action Or Sudden Attack

9. Nicety
[A]Unmarried; Abstaining From Sexual Intercourse
[B]Path Taken By A Projectile
[C]Precision; Minute Distinction

10. Nocturnal
[B]Slope; Slant
[C]Hint; Imply
[D]Done At Night

11. Nostrum
[A]Merriment; Laughter
[B]Questionable Medicine
[C]Limit; Confine

12. Nuance
[A]Beer Mug
[B]Shade Of Difference In Meaning Or Color
[C]Grant Condescendingly; Guarantee
[D]Lash; Whip; Severe Punishment

13. Obese
[A]Supporting Bar
[B]Hostile Feeling Or Intent
[D]Strip; Deprive

14. Obligatory
[B]Binding; Required
[C]Break Up Ground After Plowing; Torture
[D]Equipment; Odds And Ends

15. Obscure
[B]Picture; Short Literary Sketch
[C]Deceptive; Raising Vain Hopes
[D]Dark; Vague; Unclear

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