Monday, February 6, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 94

1. Laud
[D]Favoring Or Exercising Total Control; Non-Democratic

2. Leniency
[A]Difference; Condition Of Inequality
[B]Mildness; Permissiveness
[C]Color; Aspect

3. Levy
[A]Without Exceptions; Unqualified; Absolute
[B]Impose (A Fine); Collect (A Payment)

4. Licentious
[B]Drink With Relish
[C]Wanton; Lewd; Dissolute
[D]Restrain; Crush; Oppress

5. Limpid
[B]Menacing; Threatening

6. Liquidate
[A]Aversion; Dislike
[C]Settle Accounts; Clear Up

7. Lofty
[A]Gather; Assemble
[B]Flagrant; Consciously Obvious; Loudly Offensive
[C]Very High
[D]Corrosive; Sarcastic

8. Loquacious
[B]Artistic; Dealing With Or Capable Of Appreciation Of The Beautiful
[C]Needlessly Repetitious

9. Luminous
[A]Easy; Expert
[B]Provisional; Experimental
[C]Shining; Issuing Light
[D]Mental Disorder Marked By Confusion

10. Lustrous
[B]Keen; Shrewd; Having Insight
[D]Deluge; Upheaval

11. Madrigal
[B]Study Of Prehistoric Life
[C]Trip; Short Journey
[D]Pastoral Song

12. Malcontent
[A]Pompous Walk
[B]Person Dissatisfied With Existing State Of Affairs
[C]Inactive; Lacking Power To Move
[D]Worsen; Embitter

13. Malign
[A]Relating To Paradise; Blissful
[B]Plants Of A Region Or Era
[C]Stylish; Sporty
[D]Speak Evil Of; Defame

14. Mandatory
[A]Able To Be Touched; Real; Palpable
[B]Reparation; Indemnification
[C]Harsh And Shrill

15. Manifold
[B]Chance; Luck
[C]Hide Away; Produce And Release A Substance Into An Organism
[D]Numerous; Varied

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