Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 90

1. Gratify
[B]Triangular Part Above Columns In Greek Buildings
[D]Familiar With

2. Grouse
[A]Leave To Someone By A Will; Hand Down
[B]Suggest A Meaning Not Expressed; Signify
[D]Complain; Fuss

3. Gruel
[B]Parti-Colored; Mixed
[C]Liquid Food Made By Boiling Oatmeal, Etc. In Milk Or Water
[D]Immature; Shallow

4. Gusto
[B]Logical Formula Utilizing A Major Premise, A Minor Premise And A Conclusion
[D]Enjoyment; Enthusiasm

5. Halcyon
[A]Make Secure Against Loss; Compensate Loss
[B]Calm; Peaceful
[C]Aid; Assistance; Relief
[D]American Marsh Tortoise

6. Hap
[A]Marked By Changes In Fortune
[B]Implying A Cause-And-Effect Relationship
[C]Chance; Luck
[D]Stubborn Maintenance Of A Wrong Cause

7. Harry
[D]Motion; Desire

8. Hedonism
[B]Belief That Pleasure Is The Sole Aim Of Life
[C]Unsatisfied; Not Soothed
[D]Looking Back On The Past

9. Heterodox
[A]Neigh Like A Horse
[B]Unorthodox; Unconventional
[C]Extremely Small
[D]Begin; Originate; Receive Into A Group

10. Hibernal
[B]Make Young Again
[D]Animals Of Period Or Region

11. Hindmost
[A]Painful Labor
[B]Furthest Behind
[C]Social Outcast
[D]Shameless Boldness

12. Homage
[A]Vigorously Active; Nimble
[B]Celebrity; Dignitary
[C]Honor; Tribute

13. Horde
[A]Kingdom; Sphere
[C]State Of Being Valuable Or Loved

14. Humus
[A]Incipient; Coming Into Being
[B]Substance Formed By Decaying Vegetable Matter
[C]Dig Out Of The Ground; Remove From A Grave
[D]After Dinner

15. Hyperbole
[A]Flood; Rush
[B]Exaggeration; Overstatement
[C]Pertaining To Tailors
[D]Blame; Criticize

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