Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 110 (Verbal Ability Test)

1. Fanfare
[A]Delay; Dawdle
[B]Call By Bugles Or Trumpets
[D]Chronic Form Of Insanity Marked By Delusions

2. Fickle
[A]Unskilled Laborer; Drudge
[B]Conscientious; Extremely Thorough
[D]Changeable; Faithless

3. Flay
[A]Giving Up; Renouncing
[B]Dark; Vague; Unclear
[C]Pertaining To Tailors
[D]Strip Off Skin; Plunder

4. Foray
[A]Preoccupation With Physical Comforts And Things
[B]Pale Purple
[C]Open Up

5. Franchise
[A]Tease; Torture With Disappointment
[B]Come About By Addition
[C]Divide Into Branches Or Subdivisions
[D]Right Granted By Authority

6. Galvanize
[A]Father, Produce; Give Raise To
[C]Stimulate By Shock; Stir Up

7. Generic
[A]Uneasiness; Distress
[B]Characteristic Of A Class Or Species
[D]Unable To Be Restrained Or Held Back

8. Glutton
[A]Weaken; Destroy
[B]Act Of Finding Oneself In Society
[C]Suitable To Debate Or Courts Of Law
[D]Someone Who Eats Too Much

9. Gratuity
[A]Oppose With Arguments; Contradict
[C]Recognize, Admit

10. Hale
[A]Good-Natured; Merry
[C]Exclude From Public Favor; Ban

11. Heretic
[A]Glance Coquettishly At; Make Eyes At
[B]Snub; Beat Back
[C]High, Flat-Topped Hill
[D]Person Who Maintains Opinions Contrary To The Doctrines Of The Church

12. Holocaust
[A]Curry Favor; Act In An Obsequious Way
[C]Destruction By Fire
[D]Objects That Are Showy, Valueless, Deceptive

13. Icon
[C]Religious Image; Idol
[D]Cure-All; Remedy For All Diseases

14. Impassive
[B]Without Feeling; Not Affected By Pain
[C]Quench; Sate
[D]Prohibit; Restrain

15. Implore
[A]Boisterous Merrymaking
[B]Pompous Array Of Words
[D]Muscular Strength; Sturdiness

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