Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 109 (TOEFL English)

1. Depose
[A]Inharmonious; Conflicting
[B]Apt; Suitably Expressed; Well Chosen
[D]Dethrone; Remove From Office

2. Despondent
[A]Small, Steep-Walled Canyon
[D]Depressed; Gloomy

3. Dilapidated
[B]Cheerfulness; Kindness; Sympathy
[C]Bantering; Joking
[D]Ruined Because Of Neglect

4. Discordant
[A]Rapidly And Efficiently
[B]Inharmonious; Conflicting
[C]Without Previous Preparation
[D]Sneer; Like Cobwebs

5. Dispassionate
[A]Strong Inclination; Liking
[B]State Without Proof
[C]Calm; Impartial
[D]Accidental Transposition Of Sounds In Successive Words

6. Divergent
[A]Petition Humbly; Pray To Grant A Favor
[B]Differing; Deviating
[D]Science Of Preparing And Serving Good Food

7. Dormant
[A]Highly Skilled Artist
[B]Sleeping; Lethargic; Torpid
[D]Annoy; Chafe

8. Ecologist
[A]Not Easily Satisfied; Greedy
[B]A Person Concerned With The Interrelationship Between Living Organisms And Their Environment
[D]Become Worse; Deteriorate

9. Elated
[A]Person Wearing Tattered Clothes
[B]Overjoyed; In High Spirits
[C]The Meat Of A Deer
[D]Choosing At Random; Confused

10. Enamored
[B]Brilliant; Lustrous
[C]In Love
[D]Oval; Ambiguous, Either Purposely Or Because Key Words Have Been Left Out

11. Ensue
[B]Premonition Of Evil
[D]Strongly Held Belief

12. Epoch
[A]Shrink Quivering, As From Fear
[B]Period Of Time
[D]Doubter; Person Who Suspends Judgment Until He Has Examined The Evidence Supporting A Point Of View

13. Euphonious
[A]Worldly; Not Pertaining To Church Matter
[B]Pleasing In Sound
[C]Marry Feast Or Picnic
[D]Longing; Urge

14. Exodus
[A]Clamorous; Noisy
[D]Personal Property

15. Extricate
[A]Impermanent; Fleeting
[B]Lack Of Consistency; Difference
[C]Suitable To Debate Or Courts Of Law
[D]Free; Disentangle

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