Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 106 (Vocabulary Improvement)

1. Vicarious
[A]Morbid Fear
[B]Acting As A Substitute; Done By A Deputy
[C]Contend; Compete

2. Viper
[A]Repudiation; Self-Sacrifice
[C]Treacherous Plot
[D]Poisonous Snake

3. Virulent
[A]Flexible; Supple
[B]Abundance; Wealth
[C]Hang About; Wait Nearby
[D]Extremely Poisonous

4. Visionary
[A]Not Lasting Forever; Limited By Time; Secular
[B]Businessman; Contractor
[C]Produced By Imagination; Fanciful; Mystical
[D]Middle Class

5. Vogue
[A]Predicament From Which There Is No Escape
[B]Unruly; Rebellious
[C]Festive; Gay; Characterized By Joviality
[D]Popular Fashion

6. Voluptuous
[A]Apart; Reserved
[B]Gratifying The Senses
[C]Advanced In Development
[D]Pass Through; Spread

7. Wallow
[A]Amount Produced; Crop; Income On Investment
[B]Entrance; A Way In
[C]Roll In; Indulge In; Become Helpless
[D]Squirm; Twist

8. Warble
[A]Unutterable; Cannot Be Expressed In Speech
[B]Foretelling; Mysterious
[C]Talk Dully; Buzz Or Murmur Like A Bee
[D]Sing; Babble

9. Wastrel
[A]Coolness In A Trying Situation
[C]Stubborn; Persistent
[D]Banish; Consign To Inferior Position

10. Whinny
[A]Final; Not Susceptible To Further Analysis
[B]Two-Chambered, As A Legislative Body
[D]Neigh Like A Horse

11. Wince
[B]Reduce; Exhaust
[C]Bind As A Servant Or Apprentice To Master
[D]Shrink Back; Flinch

12. Wizened
[A]Correct A False Impression; Undeceive
[B]Withered; Shriveled
[C]Venomous Spider
[D]Standstill; Stalemate

13. Wrath
[A]Title; Chapter Heading; Text Under Illustration
[B]Anger; Fury
[C]Radiating, Departing From The Center
[D]Deliverance From A Charge

14. Zealot
[A]Daydream; Musing
[B]Fanatic; Person Who Shows Excessive Zeal
[C]Prevailing Among A Specific Group Of People Or In A Specific Area Or Country
[D]Wordy Quarrel

15. Abdicate
[A]Without Money
[C]Tending To Include All
[D]Renounce; Give Up

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