Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 105 (English for CAT)

1. Thyme
[A]Depart Secretly And Hide
[B]Aromatic Plant Used For Seasoning
[C]Bodily; Material
[D]Nominal Holding Of Title Without Obligations

2. Tirade
[A]Speed; Rapidity
[C]Not Material; Not Able To Be Perceived By Touch
[D]Extended Scolding; Denunciation

3. Torpid
[B]Dormant; Dull; Lethargic
[C]Increase; Grow

4. Touchstone
[A]Extremely Demanding
[B]Stone Used To Test The Fitness Of Gold Alloys; Criterion
[D]Not Inherent; Foreign

5. Traduce
[A]Throb; Flutter
[B]Suffering For A Disease; Destroyed
[C]Protecting Molding On Building (Usually Above Columns)
[D]Expose To Slander

6. Transmute
[A]Calm; Not Easily Disturbed
[B]Change; Convert To Something Different
[C]Pompous Walk
[D]Flowing; Series Of Changes

7. Travail
[A]Environment; Atmosphere
[B]Painful Labor
[C]Approve; Tolerate
[D]Double Dealing; Hypocrisy

8. Tribunal
[A]Oblige Or Help Someone; Adjust Or Bring Into Harmony, Adapt
[B]Top; Pinnacle
[C]Churlish, Miserly Individual
[D]Court Of Justice

9. Trivia
[B]To Make Liquids Murky By Stirring Up Sediment
[C]Trifles; Unimportant Matters
[D]Impose (A Fine); Collect (A Payment)

10. Trumpery
[A]Act Of Turning Aside; Pastime
[B]Reparation; Indemnification
[C]Objects That Are Showy, Valueless, Deceptive
[D]Blessedness; State Of Bliss

11. Unanimity
[A]Compulsion; Repression Of Feelings
[C]Strict; Stern
[D]Complete Agreement

12. Velocity
[A]Coax; Wheedle
[D]Agitation; Commotion

13. Vent
[A]Incomplete; Biased; Having A Liking For Something
[B]Express; Utter
[C]Combine; Fuse
[D]Demanding And Leaving No Choice

14. Venue
[A]Excessive Zeal
[C]Clever; Astute
[D]Deserving High Respect

15. Verve
[A]A Vertebrate Animal Whose Female Suckles Its Young
[B]Enthusiasm; Liveliness
[C]A Student Of The History And Science Of Mankind
[D]Stir To Anger; Cause Retaliation

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