Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 102(Improve Your Vocabulary)

1. Salubrious
[A]Speak Foolishly
[C]Cast Off
[D]Humorous; Jocular

2. Sardonic
[B]Disdainful; Sarcastic; Cynical
[C]Speechless; Producing Indistinct Speech

3. Satiety
[A]Changing Its Habitat; Wandering
[B]Suitable For Servants; Low
[C]Defeat; Frustrate
[D]Condition Of Being Crammed Full; Glutted State; Repletion

4. Scanty
[A]Attendant Or Young Female; Chaperone
[B]Meager; Insufficient
[C]Powerful; Strong; Potent
[D]Compose On The Spur Of The Moment

5. Scintillate
[A]To Feed Plentifully
[B]Program As For Trial; Book Where Such Entries Are Made
[C]Flowing; Series Of Changes
[D]Sparkle; Flash

6. Scrutinize
[A]Renounce Upon Oath
[B]Turn Into God; Idolize
[C]Examine Closely And Critically

7. Sectarian
[A]Tender Sorrow; Pity; Quality In Art Or Literature That Produces These Feelings
[D]Relating To A Religious Fraction Or Subgroup; Narrow-Minded; Limited

8. Serenity
[A]Gruesome; Grisly
[B]Continued Loud Noise
[C]Calmness; Placidity
[D]Artificial Channel For Water

9. Sheathe
[A]Exuberant; Bubbly And Excited
[B]Feeling Of Great Happiness And Well-Being (Sometimes Exaggerated)
[C]Sad; Solemn
[D]Place Into A Case

10. Shrewd
[A]Illogical; Lacking Reason; Insane
[B]Lure Or Bail
[C]Person Competent To Act As A Judge Of Art, Etc.; A Lover Of An Art
[D]Clever; Astute

11. Similitude
[A]Blood Feud
[B]Similarity; Using Comparisons Such As Similes
[D]Flexible; Pliant

12. Skimp
[B]Extremely Demanding
[C]Imagined; Unreal
[D]Provide Scantily; Live Very Economically

13. Skulk
[A]Platform For Speech-Making; Pulpit
[B]Seriousness; Gravity
[C]Study Of Man
[D]Move Furtively And Secretly

14. Slovenly
[A]Greedy; Eager For
[B]Having An Evil Influence; Virulent
[C]Severe Disapproval
[D]Untidy; Careless In Work Habits

15. Sobriquet
[A]Similarly Timed; Simultaneous With
[B]Hackneyed; Commonplace; Trite
[C]Text Of An Opera

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