Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 101

1. Renovate
[A]Causing Insensitivity To Pain
[B]Restore To Good Condition; Renew
[C]Summary; Concise Abstract

2. Replete
[A]Obscure; Profound; Difficult To Understand
[B]Flowery; Ruddy
[C]Having A Low-Necked Dress
[D]Filled To Capacity; Abundantly Supplied

3. Repress
[A]Stingy; Mean
[B]Restrain; Crush; Oppress
[C]Echo; Resound
[D]Isolation; Solitude

4. Reputed
[B]Rate Of Occurrence; Particular Occurrence

5. Reserve
[A]Unclear Or Doubtful In Meaning
[C]Self-Control; Formal But Distant Manner
[D]Stupid Person

6. Resolve
[A]Blessed; Consecrated
[C]Cut Away; Trim

7. Retaliation
[A]Contrast; Direct Opposite Of Or To
[B]Delicate Skill
[C]Repayment In Kind (Usually For Bad Treatment)
[D]Style Of Cooking

8. Retort
[A]Complex; Knotty; Tangled
[B]Worn Out Of Age
[D]Quick, Sharp Reply

9. Reverent
[B]Dismay; Shock
[C]Respectful; Worshipful

10. Rhetoric
[A]Provide With Some Quality; Endow
[B]Uncertain; Risky
[C]Relating To A Unifying Motif Or Idea
[D]Art Of Effective Communication; Insincere Language

11. Rift
[A]Occurring At The Same Time
[B]Opening; Break
[C]Soft Tissue Filling The Bones

12. Rostrum
[A]Set Free
[B]Platform For Speech-Making; Pulpit
[C]Explanatory; Serving To Explain
[D]Not Penetrable; Not Permitting Passage Through

13. Rubble
[A]Defamatory; Injurious To The Good Name Of A Person
[B]Falling Off As Of Leaves
[C]Broken Fragments

14. Ruthless
[A]Pertinent; Bearing Upon The Case At Hand
[C]Go Through Or Across

15. Saga
[A]Capricious; Fanciful; Quaint
[B]Scandinavian Myth; Any Legend
[C]Vaguely Longing; Sadly Thoughtful
[D]Denying The Existence Of God

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