Sunday, February 12, 2012

General Knowledge Quiz - 99

1. State governors hold office
[A]During Good Behaviour
[B]During The Pleasure Of The Chief Minister
[C]During The Pleasure Of The President
[D]For A Fixed And Unalterable Term

2. Hay fever and Asthma belong to the category of
[A]Deficiency Diseases
[B]Degenerative Diseases
[C]Hormonal Diseases

3. Which of the following is an element?

4. Which of the following legislatures is universally acclaimed as the ‘Mother of Parliaments’?
[A]Congress Of The United States
[B]British Parliament
[C]Federal Assembly Of Switzerland
[D]Canadian Parliament

5. The function of a catalyst in a reaction is to
[A]Decrease The Rate Of The Reaction
[B]Increase The Rate Of The Reaction
[C]Increase The Pressure Of The Reactants
[D]Decrease The Pressure Of The Reactants

6. The length of India’s coastline is
[A]5000 Km
[B]5500 Km
[C]7500 Km
[D]5800 Km

7. Which Indian state stands first in the production of coffee?
[B]Tamil Nadu
[D]Andhra Pradesh

8. In India, the South-West Monsoon lasts between
[A]January To May
[B]March To August
[C]June To September
[D]June To August

9. Which country is the world’s largest producer of Mica?

10. India shares its borders with how many countries?

11. Which of the following countries is the biggest producer of cotton in the world?

12. The Renaissance originated in

13. What is the term of the non-permanent members of the UN Security Council?
[A]One Year
[B]Two Years
[C]Three Years
[D]Six Months

14. Where is the headquarters of the United Nations Organization?
[B]The Hague
[C]New York

15. Who started the Sarvodaya Movement?
[A]Mahatma Gandhi
[B]Jayaprakash Narayan
[C]Jawaharlal Nehru
[D]Vinoba Bhave

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