Saturday, February 25, 2012

General Knowledge Quiz - 111 (Online GK)

1. The World Tourism Day is celebrated on

2. India’s first steel plant was set-up at

3. The application of mathematics to the study of living beings is known as

4. LIBOR stands for
[A]Long Island Borrowing Offer Rate
[B]London Inter Bank Offer Rate
[C]Luxemburg International Banks Organisation Regime
[D]None of the above

5. ‘Deenabandhu’, was the title given to
[A]C. R. Dass
[B]A.O. Hume
[C]B.G. Tilak
[D]C.F. Andrews

6. When was the rupee devalued for the first time after independence?

7. Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) is based at

8. The nature of Indian Economy can best be described as
[D]None of these

9. ‘Cue’ is a term used in

10. Word ‘secular’, was inserted into the Constitution of India with the help of
[A]38th Constitutional amendment
[B]36th Constitutional amendment
[C]44th Constitutional amendment
[D]42nd Constitutional amendment

11. A person bends forward while climbing to
[A]reduce atmospheric pressure
[B]decrease friction
[C]increase stability
[D]avoid slip-ups

12. Tripitakas, are the sacred text of

13. Animal that can live both on land and water, are known as
[D]None of these

14. Sanjukta Panigrahi was a famous dancer of
[A]Bharat Natyam

15. India’s percentage area under agriculture is

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