Saturday, January 28, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 89

1. Fortitude
[A]Formidable; Causing Fear
[C]Bravery; Courage
[D]Corruption; Wickedness

2. Fracas
[B]Brawl; Melee
[C]Existence; Means Of Support; Livelihood
[D]Stitches Sewn To Hold The Cut Edges Of A Wound Or Incision; Material Used In Sewing

3. Fresco
[A]Lacking Self-Restraint; Licentious
[D]Painting On Plaster (Usually Fresh)

4. Furor
[A]Shrivel; Decay
[B]Impervious; Not Permitting Passage Through Its Substance
[D]Frenzy; Great Excitement

5. Gaffe
[A]Stupid Person
[B]Regretful; Sorrowful; Dejected
[C]Social Blunder

6. Gall
[A]Phrase Dulled In Meaning By Repetition
[B]Crawl Or Creep On Ground; Remain Prostrate
[C]Mysterious; Secret; Supernatural
[D]Annoy; Chafe

7. Gargoyle
[A]Earthwork Or Other Strong Defense
[B]Waterspout Carved In Grotesque Figures On Building
[D]Annoy; Vex

8. Garrulous
[B]Loquacious; Wordy

9. Geniality
[A]Rear; Encourage
[B]Cheerfulness; Kindness; Sympathy
[C]Gather; Assemble
[D]Quality Of A Musical Tone Produced By A Musical Instrument

10. Genuflect
[A]Person Competent To Act As A Judge Of Art, Etc.; A Lover Of An Art
[B]Combative; Disposed To Fight
[C]Cause; Produce
[D]Bend The Knee As In Worship

11. Gesticulation
[A]Related To Monks
[C]Motion; Desire
[D]Person Who Enjoys His Own Pain

12. Glib
[A]Artistic; Dealing With Or Capable Of Appreciation Of The Beautiful
[C]Remedy; Comprehension
[D]Goblet; Consecrated Cup

13. Glut
[A]Reserve; Uncommunicativeness; Inclination To Be Silent
[C]Overstock; Fill To Excess
[D]High; Lofty

14. Gouge
[A]Resulting In Unexpected And Contrary Manner
[B]Tear Out
[D]Disown; Renounce Claim To

15. Grandiose
[A]Token Reminder
[B]Stick Fast
[C]Imposing; Impressive
[D]Going Astray; Erratic; Cunning

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