Monday, January 23, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 86

1. Dogged
[A]Fluent; Glib
[B]Yellowed; Prejudiced; Envious
[C]Determined; Stubborn
[D]Blessedness; State Of Bliss

2. Dour
[B]Be Thankful For; Increase In Worth; Be Thoroughly Conscious For
[C]Domestic; Made At Home
[D]Sullen; Stubborn

3. Drone
[A]Pompous Walk
[B]Idle Person; Male Bee
[C]Longing; Urge
[D]Illogical; Lacking Reason; Insane

4. Duenna
[A]Cause; Produce
[B]Filthy; Base; Vile
[C]Attendant Or Young Female; Chaperone
[D]Someone Who Eats Too Much

5. Eccentric
[A]Provide Written Evidence
[B]Odd; Whimsical; Irregular
[C]Small Opening; Outlet
[D]Unjust; Wrong

6. Effete
[A]Teacher Of Philosophy; Quibbler; Employer Of Fallacious Reasoning
[B]Survey Of Enemy By Soldiers;
[C]Worn Out; Exhausted; Barren

7. Effrontery
[A]Soothing Application Applied To Sore And Inflamed Portions Of The Body
[B]Shameless Boldness
[C]Depressed; Gloomy
[D]Based On Assumptions Or Hypothesis

8. Egress
[A]Entreating; Beseeching
[B]Dull; Impassive

9. Elucidate
[B]Waterspout Carved In Grotesque Figures On Building
[C]Explain; Enlighten
[D]Make Frivolous Objections

10. Emancipate
[A]Division; Split
[B]Positive; Arbitrary
[C]Set Free
[D]Recoiling From Progress; Retrograde

11. Emetic
[A]Moment Of Calm
[C]Substance Causing Vomiting
[D]Unlikely Occurrence; Stroke Of Fortune

12. Emulate
[A]Permitting Light To Pass Through Freely; Easily Detected
[B]Rival; Imitate
[C]Obstinately Stubborn
[D]Make Impossible; Eliminate

13. Encroachment
[A]Firm Grasp Or Footing
[B]Gather; Store Up
[C]Gradual Intrusion
[D]Untidy; Careless In Work Habits

14. Engaging
[A]Heterogeneous Mixture; Medley
[B]Capricious; Fanciful; Quaint
[C]Charming; Attractive
[D]Witty Saying; Facetious Remark

15. Enigmatic
[B]Obscure; Puzzling
[C]Too Particular; Fussy
[D]Coiled Around

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