Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 84

1. Deadlock
[A]Put In Order
[B]Standstill; Stalemate
[C]Inlaid; Mosaic
[D]Expressing A Low Opinion

2. Decadence
[C]Twisted; With A Humorous Twist
[D]Someone Who Can Make His Or Her Voice Seem To Come From Another Person Or Thing

3. Decimate
[A]Pastoral Song
[B]Kill, Usually One Out Of Ten
[C]Enclose; Surround
[D]Dismay; Shock

4. Decorous

5. Deference
[C]Unable To Compromise About Points Of Doctrine; Dogmatic; Unyielding
[D]Courteous Regard For Another'S Wish

6. Defray
[A]Take Apart
[B]Detest; Hate
[C]Deputize; Pass To Others
[D]Pay Costs For

7. Deliberate
[B]Large City
[C]Consider; Ponder
[D]Enrage; Infuriate

8. Delusion
[A]Able To Be Touched; Real; Palpable
[B]False Belief; Hallucination
[C]Right Granted By Authority
[D]Person Unduly Worried About His Health; Worrier Without Cause About Illness

9. Demeanor
[A]Slender Tower Attached To A Mosque
[B]Scornful Remarks; Stinging Rebuke
[C]Confused Uproar
[D]Behavior; Bearing

10. Denotation
[B]The Intelligent And Educated Classes [Often Used Derogatory]
[C]Standard Used In Judging
[D]Meaning; Distinguishing By Name

11. Deplore
[A]Very Bad
[B]Regret; Disapprove Of
[C]Confuse; Muddle
[D]Unreal Reflection; Optical Illusion

12. Deride
[A]Roman Army Officer
[B]Soaked; Dull, As If From Drink
[C]Scoff At

13. Descant
[A]Charming; Attractive
[B]Favorable; Kindly
[C]Discuss Fully
[D]Calm; Not Easily Disturbed

14. Despicable
[C]Obscure; Puzzling

15. Detonation
[B]Catch Sight Of
[D]Digressing; Rambling

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