Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 78

1. Adduce
[B]To Present As Evidence
[C]Small Group Of Persons Secretly United To Promote Their Own Interests

2. Adulation
[A]Feeling Of Great Happiness And Well-Being (Sometimes Exaggerated)
[D]Flattery; Admiration

3. Adversary
[C]Understood; Not Put Into Words

4. Affiliation
[A]Squirm; Twist
[B]Joining; Associating With
[C]Guilt; Self-Reproach
[D]Not Planned; Impromptu

5. Agape
[A]Ardent; Hot
[B]Lack Of Consistency; Difference

6. Aghast
[A]Dirty; Neglected; Poor
[B]Pertaining To Induction Or Proceeding From The Specific To The General
[C]Blame; Criticize

7. Alimentary
[A]Sad; Solemn
[B]Kindly; Favorable; Not Malignant
[C]Frenzied; Frantic
[D]Supplying Nourishment

8. Alleviate
[A]Destroy Completely
[C]Displaying Ostentatious Or Hypocritical Devoutness
[D]Attitude Of One Who Is Ready To Accept Defeat As A Natural Outcome

9. Altruistic
[A]Not Easily Satisfied; Greedy
[B]Good-Natured; Merry
[D]Unselfishly Generous, Concerned For Others

10. Ambience
[A]Oppose With Arguments; Contradict
[B]Confused Uproar
[C]Rustic; Pastoral
[D]Environment; Atmosphere

11. Ambulatory
[A]Crisis; Joining Point
[B]Stimulate By Shock; Stir Up
[C]Able To Walk
[D]Weaken; Destroy

12. Amnesty
[A]Express; Utter
[C]Limit; Confine
[D]Extremely Loud

13. Amphitheater
[B]Sham; Not Genuine; Inferior
[C]Sudden Flood Or Strong Outburst; A Large Number Or Amount
[D]Oval Building With Tiers Of Seats

14. Anarchist
[A]Front Of The Building
[C]Lowered In Rank; Debased
[D]Person Who Rebels Against The Established Order

15. Anecdote
[A]Make A Harsh Noise; Have An Unpleasant Effect
[B]Attribute; Ascribe
[C]Examination Of Accounts
[D]Short Discount Of An Amusing Or Interesting Event

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