Saturday, January 14, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 77

1. Weather
[A]Suitable; To The Point
[B]Obscure; Profound; Difficult To Understand
[D]Endure The Effect Of Weather Or Other Forces

2. Whimsical
[A]Transparent; Limpid; Easy To Understand
[B]Capricious; Fanciful; Quaint
[C]Reserve; Uncommunicativeness; Inclination To Be Silent
[D]Branching Out; Subdivision

3. Wily
[A]Loathe; Hate
[B]Flowing Into
[C]Capricious; Fanciful; Quaint
[D]Cunning; Artful

4. Wizardry
[B]Cancel; Revoke
[D]Sorcery; Magic

5. Wrangle
[A]Particular Variety Of Art And Culture
[B]Small Plane Surface (Of A Gem); A Side
[C]Quarrel; Obtain Through Arguing
[D]Excessively Gasping; Plundering

6. Yield
[B]Illogical; Lacking Reason; Insane
[D]Give In; Surrender

7. Zany
[A]Vexation; Disappointment
[B]Crazy; Comic
[C]Any Ulcerous Sore; Any Evil

8. Abnegation
[A]Witty Thought Or Saying, Usually Short
[B]Increase In The Volume Or Intensity As In A Musical Passage; Climax
[C]Slight Knowledge
[D]Repudiation; Self-Sacrifice

9. Absolve
[B]Pardon(An Offense)
[C]Separate; Unconnected
[D]Acute Pain; Extreme Suffering

10. Abstruse
[A]Standstill; Stalemate
[B]Obscure; Profound; Difficult To Understand
[C]Person Of No Importance; Nonexistence
[D]Defamation; Utterance Of False And Malicious Statements

11. Accelerate
[A]Make Less Concentrated; Reduce In Strength
[B]Cause To Be Set Aside; Replace
[C]Numerous; Varied
[D]Move Faster

12. Accost
[A]Singing Or Chanting Of Magic Spells; Magical Formula
[B]Grant Condescendingly; Guarantee
[C]Open To View
[D]Approach And Speak First To A Person

13. Acetic
[A]Positive Assertion; Confirmation; Solemn Pledge By One Who Refuses To Take An Oath
[B]Vary; Go In Different Directions From The Same Point
[C]Restore To Good Condition; Renew

14. Actuate
[A]Easily Seen; Noticeable; Striking
[B]Goblet; Consecrated Cup

15. Adamant
[A]Odd; Unpredictable
[B]Ardent; Hot
[C]Corruption; Turning From Right To Wrong
[D]Hard; Inflexible

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