Friday, January 13, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 76

1. Tundra
[A]Stubborn Intolerance
[B]Emotional Urges Behind Human Activity
[C]Rolling, Treeless Plain In Siberia And Arctic North America
[D]Cause To Sprout; Sprout

2. Umbrage
[A]Accidental Transposition Of Sounds In Successive Words
[C]Without Previous Preparation
[D]Resentment; Anger; Sense Of Injury Or Insult

3. Vellum
[A]Slope; Slant

4. Vent
[A]Eccentric; Whimsical
[B]Express; Utter
[C]Small Opening; Outlet

5. Venturous
[A]Strong Inclination; Liking
[B]Observable Facts; Subjects Of Scientific Investigation
[D]Suggestive; Implying

6. Verity
[A]Plainly Expressed
[C]Force Or Push Out
[D]Truth; Reality

7. Vertigo
[B]Capable Of Being Stretched

8. Viand
[A]Applaud; Announce With Great Approval
[B]Isolation; Solitude
[D]Accustomed; Hardened

9. Vindictive
[A]To Annoy By Repeated Attacks
[D]Make Amends For (A Sin)

10. Virtuoso
[B]Person Of No Importance; Nonexistence
[C]Small Chamber Used For Sleeping
[D]Highly Skilled Artist

11. Vitriolic
[A]Small, Poor Bed
[B]Corrosive; Sarcastic
[C]Gay; Joyous
[D]Give Up Temporarily; Yield

12. Vociferous
[A]Weighty; Unwieldy
[B]Pistol Case
[D]Clamorous; Noisy

13. Voluminous
[A]Expression Of The Will Of A People By Direct Election
[B]Bulky; Large
[C]Oblige Or Help Someone; Adjust Or Bring Into Harmony, Adapt

14. Waive
[A]Formidable; Causing Fear
[B]Rosy; Optimistic
[C]Give Up Temporarily; Yield
[D]Wild Tumult

15. Wanton
[A]Deliverance From A Charge
[B]Unruly; Unchaste; Excessive
[C]Hostile; Opposed; Actively Resisting
[D]Relating To Stars

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