Monday, January 9, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 72

1. Reverberate
[A]Pertaining To Effective Communication; Insincere Language
[B]Immature; Shallow
[C]Something That Is Continuing Or Recent
[D]Echo; Resound

2. Rhapsodize
[A]Darken; Extinguish; Surpass
[B]Delay In Punishment; Interval Of Relief; Rest
[C]To Speak Or Write In An Exaggerately Enthusiastic Matter
[D]Living As The Same Time As; Contemporary

3. Roan
[A]Person Who Establishes (An Organization, Business)
[B]Brown Mixed With Gray Or White
[C]Having Many Talents; Capable Of Working In Many Fields
[D]Scatter (Like Seeds)

4. Roster
[A]Foul Smelling; Unwholesome
[C]Capable Of Using Either Hand With Equal Ease
[D]Toning Down; Changing From One Key To Another

5. Rout
[A]Controlling Force
[B]Stampede; Drive Out
[C]Given To Unwholesome Thought; Gloomy
[D]Oppose With Arguments; Contradict

6. Rusticate
[A]Picture Writing
[B]Banish To The Country; Dwell In The Country
[C]Pertaining To The Lungs
[D]Pertaining To Money

7. Sadistic
[A]Deed Or Action, Particularly A Brave Deed
[B]Weakness; Slight Fault
[C]Slow Gallop
[D]Inclined To Cruelty

8. Sanction
[A]Dry Food; Fodder
[B]Approve; Ratify
[D]Small Plane Surface (Of A Gem); A Side

9. Sarcophagus
[A]Conclusion Drawn From Data
[B]Stone Coffin, Often Highly Decorated
[C]Positive; Arbitrary

10. Satiate
[A]Digressing; Rambling
[B]Surfeit; Satisfy Fully
[D]Throw Overboard

11. Savory
[A]Flowing, Running
[B]Too Particular; Fussy
[D]Tasty; Pleasing, Attractive, Or Agreeable

12. Scintilla
[A]Arouse To Action
[C]Stir Up; Instigate
[D]Shred; Least Bit

13. Scuttle
[A]Turn Into God; Idolize
[B]Flashy; Showy
[C]Suggest A Meaning Not Expressed; Signify
[D]Scurry; Run With Short; Rapid Steps

14. Secrete
[A]Bravely; With Spirit
[B]Hide Away; Produce And Release A Substance Into An Organism
[C]A Facial Distortion To Show Feeling Such As Pain, Disgust, Etc.
[D]One Opposed To Force; Antimilitarist

15. Serendipity
[B]Marry Feast Or Picnic
[C]Gift For Finding Valuable Things Not Searched For
[D]Ineffective; Fruitless

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