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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 71

1. Reciprocal
[A]Chatter Idly
[B]Surmise; Guess
[C]Not Applicable; Unrelated
[D]Mutual; Exchangeable; Interacting

2. Rectify
[A]Not Thick; Thinly Scattered; Scanty
[C]With Reference To; Regarding
[D]Expressing Possibility; Latent

3. Redolent
[A]American Marsh Tortoise
[B]Beg Earnestly
[C]Fragrant; Odorous; Suggestive Of An Odor
[D]Scold; Rant

4. Refute
[A]Harm Someone'S Reputation; Malign
[C]Gruesome; Grisly

5. Regicide
[A]Traditional; Conservative In Belief
[B]Supplicatory Prayer
[C]Murder Of A King Or Queen
[D]Rising Again After Defeat, Etc.

6. Reiterate
[A]Epicure; Person Who Takes Excessive Pleasure In Food And Drink
[B]Make Amends For; Pay For
[D]Broadly Sympathetic; Liberal

7. Remnant
[A]Condition, State (Especially A Bad State Or Condition); Predicament
[C]Having And Aim; Biased; Designed To Further A Cause

8. Repartee
[A]Burden; Responsibility
[B]Clever Reply
[C]Warn; Reprove
[D]Firm Dislike

9. Replenish
[A]Repay; Revenge
[B]Border Upon; Adjoin
[C]Person Who Collects Coins
[D]Fill Up Again

10. Reprehensible
[A]Generous; Showing Bounty
[B]Capricious; Fanciful; Quaint
[C]Deserving Blame
[D]Concerning The Sense Of Smell

11. Repulsion
[A]Antiquated; Ancient
[B]Act Of Driving Back; Distaste
[D]Put In Order

12. Rescind
[A]Connoisseur Of Food And Drink
[C]Practical; Concerned With Practical Values

13. Responsiveness
[C]State Of Reacting Readily To Appeals
[D]Holding; Having A Good Memory

14. Resuscitate
[A]Pertaining To The Art Of Removing Metals From Ores
[C]Froth; Foam
[D]Entrance; A Way In

15. Retiring
[A]Soothing Application Applied To Sore And Inflamed Portions Of The Body
[B]Intentional; Headstrong
[C]Strongly Held Belief
[D]Modest; Shy