Friday, January 6, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 69

1. Perdition
[A]Place For Spiritual Expiation
[C]Damnation; Complete Ruin
[D]Dead; No Longer In Use Or Existence

2. Perfidy
[A]Antiquated; Ancient
[B]Tending Or Leaning Toward; Bent
[C]Violation Of A Thrust

3. Pernicious
[C]Very Destructive

4. Perspicacious
[A]Treacherous Plot
[B]Scolding Woman
[C]Having Insight; Penetrating; Astute

5. Perverse
[A]Join; Unite
[B]Bully; Intimidate
[D]Stubborn; Intractable

6. Petrify
[A]Pastoral Song
[B]Turn To Stone
[C]Cause To Rise Or Grow Lighter; Enliven
[D]Beastlike; Brutal

7. Philander
[A]Gross; Shocking
[B]Lust Full
[C]Wretched; Lacking Pride
[D]Make Love Lightly; Flirt

8. Pied
[A]Blinding; Rigid
[B]Variegated; Multicolored
[C]Hidden Sarcasm Or Satire; Use Of Words That Convey A Meaning Opposite To The Literal Meaning
[D]Breaking Of Contract Or Duty; Fissure; Gap

9. Pinnacle
[C]Settle Comfortably
[D]Disconcert; Dismay

10. Plagiarize
[B]Sickening; Insipid
[C]Steal Another'S Ideas And Pass Them Off As One'S Own
[D]Singing Or Chanting Of Magic Spells; Magical Formula

11. Plausible
[A]Acting Without Dialogue
[B]Having A Show Of Truth But Open To Doubt
[C]Friendly; Aiming To Please
[D]One Who Treats Disorders Of The Feet

12. Plenitude
[A]Holding Fast
[B]Abundance; Completeness
[C]Lead Astray; Wheedle
[D]Shining; Issuing Light

13. Polity
[A]Sad; Solemn
[B]Discipline; Punish In Order To Correct
[C]Express; Utter
[D]Form Of Government Of Nation Or State

14. Porous
[A]Easily Deceived
[B]Fair; Impartial
[C]Full Of Pores; Like A Sieve
[D]Worried; Concerned

15. Potentate
[A]Essentially; Inherently; Naturally
[B]One Who Is Introspective; Inclined To Think More About Oneself
[C]Dark; Not Transparent
[D]Monarch; Sovereign

16. Practicable
[A]Yearly Allowance
[B]Dead; No Longer In Use Or Existence
[D]Hinder; Block; Delay

17. Prattle
[A]Quality Of A Musical Tone Produced By A Musical Instrument
[B]To Treat Gently
[D]Downward Slope

18. Preclude
[A]Lacking In Spirit
[B]American Marsh Tortoise
[C]Make Impossible; Eliminate
[D]Sleep Producer

19. Proponent
[A]Medley; Miscellany
[B]Confuse; Mix Up
[C]Person Who Supports Or Proposes (An Idea)
[D]Affectedly Dainty

20. Protégé
[A]Observable Facts; Subjects Of Scientific Investigation
[B]Person Under Protection And Support Of A Patron
[C]Agent; Messenger
[D]Binding; Required

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