Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 66

1. Libretto
[A]Speed Of Music
[B]Text Of An Opera
[C]Preceding In Time, Rank, Etc.
[D]Destroy Leaves

2. Limbo
[A]Main Body Of A Church
[B]Person Who Rebels Against The Established Order
[C]Region Near Heaven Or Hell Where Certain Souls Are Kept; A Prison [Slang]

3. Lithe
[A]Substance Causing Vomiting
[B]Set Free
[C]Flexible; Supple
[D]Rebound; Reverberation; Reaction

4. Lode
[A]Husband Or Wife
[B]Rabies; Fear Of Water
[C]Relating To Races
[D]Metal-Bearing Vein

5. Lope
[A]Overflow; Flood
[B]Holding Fast
[C]Not Frank; Eluding
[D]Gallop Softly

6. Luminary
[A]Stingy; Mean
[B]Having A Show Of Truth But Open To Doubt
[C]Confuse; Upset; Embarrass
[D]Celebrity; Dignitary

7. Luster
[A]Warn; Reprove
[B]Violation Of A Thrust
[C]Shine; Gloss
[D]Weakness; Slight Fault

8. Magniloquent
[A]Support On Which A Lever Rests
[B]Dig Out Of The Ground; Remove From A Grave
[C]Boastful; Pompous

9. Malapropism
[A]Cajole; Coax; Deceive By Flattery
[B]Shell Or Jewel Carved In Relief
[C]Comic Misuse Of A Word

10. Malicious
[A]Boisterous Laughter
[B]Dictated By Hatred Or Spite
[C]Worn Out Of Age
[D]Pay Attention To; Consider

11. Mandate
[A]Swagger; Assumed Air Of Defiance
[B]Raised Platform For Guests Of Honor
[C]Savor; Enjoy
[D]Order; Charge

12. Manifesto
[B]Lessening; Reduction In Size
[C]Declaration; Statement Of Policy
[D]Defamatory; Injurious To The Good Name Of A Person

13. Martial
[A]Misleading Vision
[C]Form Of Government Of Nation Or State
[D]Young Woman Making Formal Entrance In Society

14. Maternal
[A]Glass Water Bottle; Decanter
[C]Downward Slope
[D]Be Oppressed By Heat

15. Maul
[A]Toning Down; Changing From One Key To Another
[B]Person Who Appeals To People'S Prejudice
[C]Handle Roughly

16. Mercenary
[A]High, Flat-Topped Hill
[B]Examination Of Accounts
[C]Foreshadow; Portend
[D]Interested In Money Or Gain

17. Mesmerize
[A]Unresisting; Patiently Submissive
[B]Deceit; Duplicity

18. Mete
[A]Female Fox; Ill-Tempered Woman
[B]Finding Fault
[C]Measure; Distribute

19. Milieu
[B]Unsuccessful; Fruitless
[C]Environment; Means Of Expression
[D]Make Less Difficult

20. Minaret
[A]Existence; Means Of Support; Livelihood
[B]Slender Tower Attached To A Mosque
[C]Shameless Boldness

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