Monday, January 2, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 65

1. Integral
[A]Produced By Fire; Volcanic
[B]Neutral; Unpledged; Undecided
[D]Complete; Necessary For Completeness

2. Inter
[A]Surfeit; Satisfy Fully
[C]Renounce Upon Oath
[D]Secure Or Fasten Firmly

3. Intimate
[A]Kindly; Doing Good
[C]Let Down; Restrain

4. Intricate
[A]Of Lowly Origin; Unworthy
[B]Regret; Disapprove Of
[C]Limited Quantity
[D]Complex; Knotty; Tangled

5. Intuition
[A]Dreamily Thoughtful; Thoughtful With A Hint Of Sadness
[B]Plants Of A Region Or Era
[C]Power Of Knowing Without Reasoning
[D]Clamorous; Noisy

6. Invidious
[A]Roll In; Indulge In; Become Helpless
[B]Science Of Preparing And Serving Good Food
[C]Repudiation; Self-Sacrifice
[D]Designed To Create Ill Will Or Envy

7. Iota
[A]Slightly Obscure
[D]Very Small Quantity

8. Irremediable
[A]Very Small
[B]Conceited Smile
[C]Picture Writing
[D]Incurable; Uncorrectable

9. Irrevocable
[A]Unreasonable Or Capricious; Imperious; Tyrannical; Despotic
[B]Incipient; Coming Into Being
[D]Move Heavily Or Clumsily

10. Jargon
[A]Able To See Differences; Prejudiced
[B]Elastic; Having The Power Of Springing Back
[C]Incapable Of Being Pacified
[D]Language Used By Special Group; Gibberish

11. Jollity
[A]Trite Remark; Commonplace Statement
[B]Gaiety; Cheerfulness
[C]Free; Disentangle
[D]Permitting Light To Pass Through Freely; Easily Detected

12. Juggernaut
[A]Pick Out; Reject
[B]Irresistible Crashing Force
[C]Interpret Incorrectly; Misjudge

13. Kinetic
[A]Smooth And Shining
[B]Monastery Or Convent
[C]Cut Away; Trim
[D]Producing Motion

14. Knead
[A]Climb By Crawling
[B]Mix; Work Dough
[C]State Of Apathy; Daze; Lack Of Awareness
[D]Drink In

15. Lachrymose
[A]Brilliant; Lustrous
[B]Easily Seen; Noticeable; Striking
[C]Excessive; Overabundant; Unnecessary
[D]Producing Tears

16. Languid
[A]After Death (As Of A Child Born After Father'S Death Or Book Published After Author'S Death)
[B]Ornate; Highly Decorated
[C]Weary; Sluggish; Listless
[D]Pour Off Gently

17. Largess
[B]Conquer; Bring Under Control
[D]Generous Gift

18. Lechery
[A]Antiquated; Ancient
[B]A Covered Passageway, Usually Lined With Shops
[C]Precision; Minute Distinction
[D]Lustfulness; Impurity In Thought And Deed

19. Legerdemain
[A]Deceive; Delude
[C]Bitterness Of Speech And Temper
[D]Sleight Of Hand

20. Levity
[B]Unreasonable Or Capricious; Imperious; Tyrannical; Despotic
[D]Habitually Silent; Talking Little

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