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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 64

1. Imponderable
[B]Unsuccessful; Fruitless
[C]Self-Control; Formal But Distant Manner

2. Impotent
[A]Slope; Slant
[B]Weak; Ineffective
[C]Convenient Features; Courtesies

3. Impute
[A]Ungrateful Person
[B]Preceding In Time, Rank, Etc.
[C]Attribute; Ascribe

4. Inarticulate
[A]Pertaining To Tailors
[B]Speechless; Producing Indistinct Speech
[C]Correct A False Impression; Undeceive
[D]Make Discontented

5. Incarcerate
[A]Not Frank; Eluding
[B]Face; Appearance
[D]Court Of Justice

6. Incidental
[A]Mental Disorder
[B]Not Essential; Minor
[C]Argumentative; Fond Of Argument
[D]Summary; Concise Abstract

7. Incline
[A]Firm Grasp Or Footing
[B]Prophetic; Pertaining To Revelations
[C]Become Engaged To Marry
[D]Slope; Slant

8. Incontrovertible
[C]Extended Scolding; Denunciation
[D]Lacking Self-Restraint; Licentious

9. Increment
[A]Comical Parody; Treatment Aimed At Making Something Appear Ridiculous
[B]Lack Of Consistency; Difference
[D]Luxuriate; Take Pleasure In Warmth

10. Incursion
[A]Destroy Leaves
[B]Deserving Blame
[C]Sparkle; Flash
[D]Temporary Invasion

11. Indignity
[A]Not Lasting Forever; Limited By Time; Secular
[B]Offensive Or Insulting Treatment
[C]Ascribe; Explain

12. Indomitable
[A]Consequence; Accompaniment
[D]Waterspout Carved In Grotesque Figures On Building

13. Inert
[A]Modest; Shy
[B]Inactive; Lacking Power To Move
[C]Group Of Three Works
[D]Noisy Speech

14. Infamous
[A]Blame; Criticize
[B]Notoriously Bad
[C]Giving Off An Odor
[D]Mock; Ridicule

15. Informal
[A]Refine; Purify
[B]Lacking Ceremony; Casual
[C]Not Compulsory; Left To One'S Choice
[D]Acquit; Exculpate

16. Ingenue
[B]Provide A Refuge For; Hide
[C]An Artless Girl; An Actress Who Plays Such Parts
[D]Warm, Sultry Wind Blown From Africa To Southern Europe

17. Inhibit
[B]Prohibit; Restrain
[C]Mental Or Bodily Powers; Teaching Staff
[D]Timely; Well Chosen

18. Innuendo
[A]State Of Reacting Readily To Appeals
[B]High Praise; Eulogy
[C]Learned; Scholarly
[D]Hint; Inspiration

19. Insensate
[A]Suffering For A Disease; Destroyed
[B]Without Feeling
[C]Pistol Case

20. Insolent
[A]Sham; Not Genuine; Inferior
[C]Ordinary, Unimaginative
[D]Haughty And Contemptuous