Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project Management Quiz - 58

1. The priority of the Quality function is ________ priority:
[A]Equal to cost and schedule
[B]Higher than cost and schedule
[C]Lower than cost and schedule
[D]None of the above

2. A Pareto diagram helps the project manager to :
[A]Focus on the most critical issues to improve quality
[B]Focus on stimulating thinking
[C]Explore a desired future outcome
[D]Determine if a process is out of control

3. What will be shown in a Gantt chart but not in a responsibility matrix?
[D]Who is in charge of each task

4. A work package is:
[A]The lowest level of a work breakdown structure
[B]The level of the WBS where cost data are collected
[C]Made up of multiple costs accounts
[D]A and B

5. The scope baseline is the original:
[A]Project schedule and budget
[B]Description in the project charter
[C]Project Plan plus or minus approved changes
[D]Performance measure

6. In the context of projects, temporary means that:
[A]Projects have a finite time duration with definite start and end dates
[B]Every project has a definite beginning
[C]The project can be cancelled at any point of time depending upon the whims of the senior executive
[D]Projects have no significance to the permanent sustainability of a corporation

7. A work breakdown structure is most useful for:
[A]Identifying individual tasks for a project
[B]Scheduling the start of tasks
[C]Developing a cost estimate
[D]A and C

8. If a risk has a 50% chance of happening in any given month, and if the project is expected to last for 8 months, the probability that this risk event will occur during the last month of the project is:

9. In the arrow diagramming method (ADM), __________ do not consume time or resources:

10. In a three time estimate using PERT, if the optimistic estimate for a task is 6 days and pessimistic estimate is 12 days, what is the most likely estimate if the mean is 7 days:
[A]7 days
[B]8 days
[C]6 days
[D]12 days

11. A negative float is present when?
[A]The late start date is earlier than the early start date
[B]The critical path supports the imposed end date
[C]The early finish date is equal to the late finish date
[D]The late start date is later than early start date

12. Task B cannot begin until 10 days after task A begins is best described as a:
[A]Finish to start relationship
[B]Start to start relationship
[C]Start to start with a 10 days lag
[D]Start to start with a 5 day lead

13. Amongst all of the following, the most important component of project control is the:
[A]Project charter
[B]Project schedule
[C]Work breakdown structure
[D]Assignment of responsibility for work

14. Which of the following is most frequently used to indicate task relationships?
[A]Bar chart
[B]Network diagram
[C]Gantt chart
[D]Work breakdown structure

15. Preliminary cost estimates are meaningful during the _______ phase of the project:

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