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Monday, January 9, 2012

Project Management Quiz - 54

1. The Project Management Plan:
[A]Should be avoided for small projects as takes too much time
[B]Provides communication regarding the project to all the stakeholders
[C]Is like a Statement of Work
[D]None of the above

2. In today's context of change, is it worthwhile to spend more time to define the scope in clear terms?
[C]Cannot say
[D]It depends on the size of the project

3. Using the work breakdown structure indicated below, an instance of a work package is:
1.0.0. Build house
1.1.0. Excavate
1.1.1. Survey
1.1.2. Dig hole
1.2.0. Prepare foundation
[A]Build house
[D]Prepare foundation

4. Work not included in the WBS is:
[A]To be detailed out later
[B]Outside the scope of the project
[C]Will be taken care of at the time of executing the project
[D]Needs management attention

5. Two techniques used for drawing project networks are known as:
[A]Activity and Arrow drawing methods
[B]Arrow and circle drawing methods
[C]ADMs and PDMs
[D]ADMs and ADCs

6. The person drawing the network must to be clear about:
[A]The project's goals and objectives
[B]The duration of each activity
[C]The logical sequence of activities
[D]All of the above

7. An activity should have a definable?
[A]Start time
[B]Finish time
[D]All of the above

8. Arrow diagramming method is similar to precedence diagramming method in that:
[A]Events are connected by activities
[B]Activities are connected by dummies
[C]They are project network drawing techniques
[D]Both display the same network diagram

9. An Activity-on-node diagram is different from an activity-on-arrow diagram in that it:
[A]Is drawn with dark lines
[B]Can show four types of relationships
[C]Has only finish to start relationships
[D]Uses dummy activities

10. Program Evaluation Review Technique was developed:
[A]For US Navy
[B]For expansion project of Corning Glass
[C]By Dr. Allen Pert
[D]For developing bar charts

11. What is not a duration estimating tool/technique?
[B]Contingency planning
[C]Time variance scheduling
[D]Expert judgment

12. I cannot test the software until I code the software. This expression describes which of the following dependencies?
[C]Mandatory or hard

13. Which term describes a modification of a logical relationship that delays a successor task?

14. The difference between early finish and early start is equivalent to:
[A]Duration of the next activity
[B]Duration of an activity
[C]The float to complete an activity
[D]Duration of the previous activity

15. The late start of an activity represents :
[A]The last date on which the activity must start else there would be project delay
[B]The computation based on the latest finish date minus duration
[C]The early start plus float of an activity
[D]All of the above