Friday, January 20, 2012

Operations Management Quiz - 2

1. The Process Mapping technique is used in which of the following stages of ERP implementation?
[A]Identification of the needs for implementing an ERP package
[B]Evaluating the "as-is" situation of the business
[C]Reengineering of the business processes to achieve the desired results
[D]Evaluation of various ERP packages

2. Which of the following is a function of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) component of Operational Planning?
[A]Order release
[B]Incoming inspection
[C]Definition of measurements for supporting the system
[D]Accounts payable

3. Which of the following is not true with respect to Gantt Charts?
[A]They are simple bar charts used to schedule operations
[B]Their purpose is to provide ease and clarity in communicating the important job shop information to managers
[C]They are basically of two types: Workload charts and Scheduling charts
[D]They also help managers to identify hurdles like production breakdown and human performance

4. The Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad used the JIT approach to cut the time to record a deed transfer by 50 percent. This application of JIT approach is an example of
[A]Organizing problem-solving
[B]Clarifying process flows
[C]Upgrading housekeeping
[D]Upgrading quality

5. Three Sigma Level puts the defects count at __________ in a million.

6. While servicing a car, the mechanics change the lubricant, rotate the tyres, tune up the engine, replace the key components or overhaul certain systems (if necessary), clean the windows and apply a sticker on the front windscreen that indicates the date of next service. All these activities are aimed at avoiding failure or unsafe operation of the automobile, and hence come under the scope of
[A]Preventive Maintenance
[B]Remedial Maintenance
[C]Centralized Maintenance
[D]Decentralized Maintenance

7. Which of the following is not true with respect to Project Crashing?
[A]The process of reducing the time of the project by reducing some of the activity times is called crashing
[B]Subcontracting, using the services of overtime labour and adding an extra shift are some of the general approaches for crashing the project time
[C]As the Project Crashing approaches are expensive, managers need to make an analysis of timecost tradeoffs that reduce the project duration with a minimum increase in cost
[D]We select the critical activity that has the minimum completion time

8. The difficulties involved in transporting products and accessing established distribution channels impede the process of globalization. This is an example of
[A]Economic Impediment
[B]Managerial Impediment
[C]Institutional Impediment
[D]Cultural Impediment

9. Roshni Ltd., a bulb manufacturing company, has earned reputation in the market because of long life of its bulb filaments. This is an appropriate example of which of the following quality dimensions?

10. Variable-sequence robots are most useful for which of the following production systems?
[A]Product focused
[B]Process focussed
[D]Assembly line

11. Which of the following is not a feature of JIT Purchasing?
[A]There is usually a single source of supply for a given part in nearby geographical area with a longterm contract
[B]Purchasing is carried out in small lots, with frequent deliveries
[C]Suppliers have less freedom in design specifications
[D]There is less formal paperwork

12. The purchase department wants to procure a specific quantity of inventory items required for use in a specific period. For this purpose, the shop-floor manager has to prepare which of the following documents?
[A]Change Report
[B]Control Report
[C]Planning Report
[D]Authorized order releases

13. Which of the following is false in relation to Demand Chain?
[A]Instead of building and operating their supply chain from manufacturer to market, Demand Chain leaders are creating alliances with those channel partners best able to fulfill consumers’ needs and wants
[B]The players in today’s emerging Demand Chains are different from those in traditional supply chains
[C]Responsibilities are assumed by the Demand Chain as a whole
[D]In a Demand Chain, products don’t necessarily originate from manufacturers

14. Forward scheduling is used in which of the following situations?
[A]Organizations that produce customized products whose demand is not known until the customer releases an order
[B]Manufacturing organizations that use MRP systems
[C]Service organizations that can anticipate the demand for their services ahead of time
[D]Event-management organizations that make arrangements for special events such as trade fairs, corporate get-togethers etc.

15. Which of the following is not true regarding Acceptance Plans used in quality control?
[A]They help to decide whether lots of raw materials, purchased parts and finished goods meet prescribed quality standards
[B]On the basis of Acceptance Plans, operations managers can either accept or reject a lot
[C]Acceptance Plans have large sample sizes
[D]Acceptance Plans protect an organization by limiting the percentage of defective products that are shipped to customers

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