Wednesday, January 18, 2012

General Knowledge Quiz - 79

1. Indian constitution was prepared in
[A] 2 years 11 months
[B] 2 years 18 days
[C] 2 years 18 months
[D] 2 years 11 months 18 days

2. The fruit juice brand ‘Tropicana’ is owned by which of the following companies?
[B] P&G
[D] PepsiCo

3. “In God we trust, the rest have to bring data on the table.” This statement was made by the famous industrialist
[A] J.R.D. Tata
[B] Aditya Birla
[C] Dhirubhai Ambani
[D] Narayan Murthy

4. The age of earth is believed to be
[A] 10 million years
[B] 100 million years
[C] 1000 million years
[D] 4000 million years

5. Bisleri bottled water is a product from:
[A] Pepsi
[B] Parle
[C] Coca-Cola
[D] Nestle

6. According to Dun & Brandsstreet which one of the following is the largest employer among Indian ITES and BPO companies?
[A] Genpact
[B] Accenture Services
[C] Wipro BPO
[D] IBM Daksh

7. The planning commission started functioning in year..

8. The brand D’cold belongs to
[A] Procter & Gamble
[B] Glaxo SmithKline
[C] Paras Pharmaceuticals
[D] Reckitt and Benckiser

9. The propagation of radio signals is greatly influenced by
[A] troposphere
[B] ionosphere
[C] exosphere
[D] thermosphere

10. The first animal tamed by man of middle stone age was
[A] Dog
[B] Bullock
[C] Horse
[D] Camel

11. ‘Scorpio’ is the name of an automobile brand from
[A] Maruti Udyog Ltd
[B] General Motors
[C] Mahindra & Mahindra
[D] Kinetic Engineering

12. Major oil finds are recently reported in
[A] Krishna Godavari Basin
[B] Cauvery Basin
[C] Rajasthan Desert
[D] Lower Assam Valley

13. Hema Malini (Bollywood star) along with her daughter is a brand ambassador of
[A] Good knight
[B] Kent Water purifier
[C] O.B. Water filters
[D] Casper

14. ‘Matrix’ is the name of a TV brand from ___________:
[B] Philips
[C] Onida
[D] Samsung

15. Pakistan signed Free Trade agreement (FTA) and a five year investment package with
[B] European Union
[C] China
[D] Russia

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