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Friday, December 30, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 63

1. Gustatory
[A]Approve; Ratify
[B]Selective In Choosing From A Variety Of Sources
[C]Filthy; Base; Vile
[D]Affecting The Sense Of Taste

2. Haggle
[B]Wasted Away; Gaunt
[C]Argue About Prices
[D]Tough; Strong And Firm

3. Harass
[A]Dull; Monotonous
[B]To Annoy By Repeated Attacks
[C]Firm Dislike
[D]Guarantee; Assurance By Seller

4. Harrow
[A]Abusive; Scolding
[B]Break Up Ground After Plowing; Torture
[C]Pertaining To Tailors
[D]Dock; Landing Place

5. Heckler
[A]An Error Involving Time In A Story
[B]Person Who Harasses Others
[C]Refer Indirectly
[D]Forgivable; Trivial

6. Herpetologist
[B]One Who Studies Reptiles
[C]Lead Astray; Wheedle
[D]Change; Introduction Of Something New

7. Hiatus
[A]Letdown Of Thought Or Emotion
[B]Merriment; Laughter
[C]Gap; Pause
[D]Shine; Gloss

8. Histrionic
[A]Mysterious; Puzzling; Secret
[C]Great Waterfall; Eye Abnormality

9. Holster
[A]Oily; Fatty
[B]Pistol Case
[C]Annoy; Distress
[D]Self-Evident Truth

10. Hoodwink
[A]Incapable Of Being Pacified
[B]Ease Pain; Make Less Severe Or Offensive
[C]Deceive; Delude
[D]Every Two Years

11. Humility
[A]Incomplete; Biased; Having A Liking For Something
[B]Payment By A Husband To His Divorced Wife
[D]Humbleness Of Spirit

12. Hydrophobia
[A]Purely Spiritual; Theoretical; Without Sensual Desire
[B]Attainment Of Highest Point
[C]Name; Title
[D]Rabies; Fear Of Water

13. Idiom
[A]Wooden; Impersonal
[B]Harshness; Plainness
[C]Pleasing In Sound
[D]Special Usage In Language

14. Igneous
[A]Elastic; Having The Power Of Springing Back
[B]Produced By Fire; Volcanic
[D]Half-Stiffed Laugh

15. Illuminate
[A]Raised Platform For Guests Of Honor
[C]Brighten; Clear Up Or Make Understandable

16. Immune
[B]Without Previous Preparation
[C]Mania For Doing Grandiose Things

17. Impartial
[A]Settle Comfortably
[B]Not Biased; Fair
[C]Plead; Ask Earnestly
[D]Abnormal Or Deviant

18. Impenitent
[A]Familiar Friends
[B]Thin; Slight; Barely Discernible
[C]Not Repentant

19. Imperturbable
[A]Someone Who Eats Too Much
[B]Pertaining To Spring
[C]Calculating, Pertaining To Insurance Statistics
[D]Calm; Placid

20. Impinge
[A]Coward; Betrayed Of Faith
[B]Infringe; Touch; Collide With
[C]Analysis; Cutting Apart In Order To Examine
[D]Hostile Feeling Or Intent