Thursday, December 29, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 62

1. Forgo
[B]Give Up; Do Without
[C]Strip Off Skin; Plunder
[D]Shrink Back; Flinch

2. Forte
[A]Spread Over
[B]Having No Name
[D]Strong Point Or Special Talent

3. Frantic
[A]Compulsion; Repression Of Feelings
[C]Furnisher Of Foodstuffs; Caterer

4. Frenzied
[A]Trespass; Enter As Uninvited Person
[B]Treat With Scorn Or Contempt
[C]Pay Costs For
[D]Madly Excited

5. Fritter
[A]Bombastic; Inflated
[B]Unutterable; Cannot Be Expressed In Speech

6. Funeral
[A]Short Speech At Conclusion Of Dramatic Work
[B]Sad; Solemn
[C]Acute Pain; Extreme Suffering
[D]Showing Excitement; Overflowing With Enthusiasm

7. Gadfly
[A]Lack Of Self-Confidence Or Courage
[B]Self-Restraint; Sexual Chastity
[D]Animal-Biting Fly; An Irritating Person

8. Gambol
[A]Serious Or Fatal Accident
[B]Not Active; Acted Upon
[C]Skip; Leap Playfully

9. Gargantuan
[A]Weighty; Unwieldy
[B]Huge; Enormous
[C]Loud, Resounding Noise

10. Garrulity

11. Genesis
[A]Deceptive; Raising Vain Hopes
[B]Shred; Least Bit
[C]Beginning; Origin
[D]Slandering; Aspersion

12. Gentry
[A]Turn Upside Down Or Inside Out
[B]Brilliant; Lustrous
[C]Pour Off Gently
[D]People Of Standing; Class Of People Just Below Nobility

13. Giddy
[A]Wandering; Traveling
[B]Light-Hearted; Dizzy
[C]Made Less Dense (Of A Gas)
[D]Delay; Dawdle

14. Glaze
[A]Approving; Applauding
[B]Cover With A Thin And Shiny Surface
[C]Mongrel; Mixed Breed

15. Glower
[A]Operatic Singer; Prima Donna
[C]Vibrant And Lively; Critical; Living, Breathing

16. Gossamer
[A]Bully; Intimidate
[B]Change Or Harden Into Bone
[C]Sneer; Like Cobwebs
[D]Drink (Alcoholic Beverages) Frequently

17. Grandiloquent
[B]Reject; Scorn
[C]Pompous; Bombastic; Using High-Sounded Language

18. Gravity
[A]Assent; Agree Passively
[C]Short-Lived; Fleeting

19. Gristly
[A]Of The Same Kind
[B]Vibrate Pendulumlike; Weaver
[C]Please Intensely

20. Grudging
[A]Very Small Object Or Creature; Small Coin
[B]Soil; Defile
[C]Study Of Artifacts And Relics Of Early Mankind
[D]Unwilling; Reluctant; Stingy

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