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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 59

1. Deterrent
[A]Intermarriage Between Races
[B]Something That Discourages; Hindrance
[C]Song Of Lamentation; Dirge
[D]Showing Excitement; Overflowing With Enthusiasm

2. Devious
[A]Make Impossible; Eliminate
[B]Broken Fragments
[C]Parti-Colored; Mixed
[D]Going Astray; Erratic; Cunning

3. Diatribe
[B]Exhale; Become Known; Happen
[C]Uncertain; Risky
[D]Bitter Scolding; Invective

4. Diffusion
[A]Approach And Speak First To A Person
[C]Wordiness; Spreading In All Directions Like A Gas
[D]Cancel; Revoke

5. Din
[B]Continued Loud Noise
[C]Ill Luck
[D]Without Money

6. Disapprobation
[A]Stately; Stout
[C]Disapproval; Condemnation
[D]Having And Aim; Biased; Designed To Further A Cause

7. Discredit
[B]State Of Being Nameless; Anonimousness
[C]Banish; Consign To Inferior Position
[D]Defame; Destroy Confidence In; Disbelieve

8. Discursive
[A]Cover With A Thin And Shiny Surface
[B]Digressing; Rambling
[C]Correct A False Impression; Undeceive
[D]Reason; Justify An Improper Act

9. Disjointed
[C]Sameness Leading To Boredom
[D]Jargon Of Thieves; Pious Phraseology

10. Disparate
[A]Flowing, Running
[B]Basically Different; Unrelated

11. Disperse
[A]Quick, Sharp Reply

12. Dissipate
[A]Original Work Used As A Model By Others
[B]Queer And Amusing
[C]Commotion; Riot; Noise

13. Distend
[A]Having A Sawtoothed Edge
[B]Given To Joking
[C]Expand; Swell Out
[D]Grant Condescendingly; Guarantee

14. Diverse
[A]Cower; Lose Heart
[B]Separate; Part
[D]Differing In Some Characteristics; Various

15. Docile
[A]Miracle Worker; Magician
[B]Obedient; Easily Managed
[C]Naïve; Young; Unsophisticated
[D]Mangle; Tear

16. Doff
[A]Quality Of Being Unsophisticated
[B]Take Off
[C]Rapidly And Efficiently
[D]Roman Army Officer

17. Dorsal
[A]Cause To Become Sick; Fill With Disgust
[B]Something That Is Continuing Or Recent
[C]Relating To The Back Of An Animal
[D]Slaughterhouse; Science Of Carnage

18. Droll
[A]Annoy; Chafe
[B]Rosy; Optimistic
[C]Abundance; Wealth
[D]Queer And Amusing

19. Dwindle
[A]Prudence; Ability To Adjust Actions To Circumstances
[B]One Who Studies The Skin And Its Diseases
[C]Agreeable; Pleasing To The Taste
[D]Shrink; Reduce

20. Ebullient
[A]Drowsy; Dull
[C]Showing Excitement; Overflowing With Enthusiasm
[D]Place Side By Side