Sunday, December 18, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 55

1. Arbitrate
[B]Repay; Revenge
[D]Act As Judge

2. Archaic
[A]Still In Existence
[C]Something Preceding In Time Which May Be Used As An Authority Or Guide For Future Decision
[D]Pertinence; Reference To The Case In Hand

3. Asymmetric
[A]Depart Secretly And Hide
[B]Deserving Blame
[C]Not Identical On Both Sides Of A Dividing Central Line
[D]Avoid Committing Oneself; Gain Time

4. Atrophy
[A]Means Of Support, Food, Nourishment
[B]Deserving Blame
[C]Lying On Back
[D]Wasting Away

5. Attribute
[A]Soothing Or Softening Remedy
[B]Ascribe; Explain
[C]Fearful; Demonstrating Fear
[D]Top; Pinnacle

6. Auspicious
[A]Barrier Laid Down By Artillery Fire
[B]Abundance; Effusiveness; Lavishness
[C]Pass Into Or Through; Penetrate (An Organization) Sneakily
[D]Favoring Success

7. Authoritative
[A]Easily Nauseated; Squeamish
[B]Having The Weight Of Authority; Dictatorial
[C]Acquit; Exculpate
[D]Brawl; Melee

8. Avert
[A]Supply; Allotted Demand; Assigned Portion Of Work
[B]Destruction Of Life
[C]Strip Off Skin; Plunder
[D]Prevent; Turn Away

9. Avuncular
[A]Clash In Opinion; Rubbing Against
[B]Unconscious; Unreasonable
[C]Style Of Cooking
[D]Like An Uncle

10. Babble
[A]Claw Of Bird
[B]Chatter Idly
[C]Specialized Knowledge; Expert Skill

11. Balmy
[A]Physical Features Of A Region
[C]Mild; Fragrant

12. Bantering
[A]Harass; Tease
[B]Peaceful; Calm
[C]Good-Natured Ridiculing
[D]Extremely Poisonous

13. Bate
[B]Let Down; Restrain
[C]Tax Levied By A Ruler; Mark Of Respect
[D]Stealthy; Sneaky

14. Beguile
[A]Confuse; Upset; Embarrass
[B]Amuse; Delude, Cheat
[D]To Make Invalid

15. Belligerent
[A]Pertaining To Hell; Devilish
[D]Infringe; Touch; Collide With

16. Beneficiary
[A]Showing Off Learning; Bookish
[C]Careful About Money; Economical
[D]Person Entitled To Benefits Or Proceeds Of An Insurance Policy Or Will

17. Bereft
[A]Heavenly; Celestial
[B]Flashy; Tawdry
[C]Shred; Least Bit
[D]Deprived Of; Lacking

18. Bestow
[A]Front Of The Building
[C]Nervous Laugh

19. Bicker
[A]Difficult To Please; Squeamish
[C]Stubborn; Persistent
[D]Uneasiness; Distress

20. Blandishment
[A]Digressing; Rambling
[B]Worldly As Opposed To Spiritual

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