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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 50

1. Saturnine
[A]Dwarf; Underground Spirit
[C]Bully; Scoundrel

2. Scapegoat
[A]Pertaining To Outer Space
[B]Attribute; Ascribe
[D]Someone Who Bears The Blame For Others

3. Scourge
[B]Correct A False Impression; Undeceive
[C]Lash; Whip; Severe Punishment
[D]Trembling; Wavering

4. Scuttle
[A]Small Mountain Lake
[B]Moving Force
[C]Person Convicted Of Grave Crime

5. Sequester
[A]Cloy; Overfeed
[D]Retire From Public Life; Segregate; Seclude

6. Severance
[A]Study Of Man
[B]Approving; Applauding
[C]Division; Partition; Separation
[D]Guarantee; Assurance By Seller

7. Sherbet
[A]Self-Evident Truth
[B]Nominal Holding Of Title Without Obligations
[C]Oval Building With Tiers Of Seats
[D]Flavored Dessert Ice

8. Simian
[A]Cloyingly Sweet
[C]Mock; Ridicule
[D]Prophetic; Pertaining To Revelations

9. Singular
[A]Merriment; Laughter
[B]Filled To Capacity; Abundantly Supplied
[C]Unique; Extraordinary; Odd
[D]Make Shiny By Rubbing; Polish

10. Skirmish
[A]Cutting; Sharp
[B]Commonplace; Dull
[C]Minor Fight

11. Sleazy
[A]Pretense; Evasion
[B]Flimsy; Unsubstantial
[C]Pertaining To Marriage
[D]Artificiality; Unnaturalness; Act Of Employing Sophistry In Reasoning

12. Sluggard
[A]Annoying; Tedious
[B]Lazy Person
[C]Having Minute Hairs
[D]Start A Fire; Inspire

13. Snivel
[A]Kindly; Doing Good
[B]Stir Up; Disturb
[C]Run At The Nose; Snuffle; Whine
[D]Gloomy; Hellish; Deathly

14. Solemnity
[A]Trick; Practical Joke
[B]Seriousness; Gravity
[C]Clash In Opinion; Rubbing Against

15. Somnambulist
[A]Prohibit; Restrain
[C]Maker Of A Will

16. Soporific
[B]Heavy; Hard To Manage
[D]Sleep Producer

17. Spatial
[B]Framework And Working Parts Of An Automobile
[C]Relating To Space
[D]Grow Well; Prosper; Decorate With Ornaments

18. Sphinx-Like
[A]Pride; Arrogance
[B]Enigmatic; Mysterious
[C]Sleep Throughout The Winter
[D]Refine; Purify

19. Spume
[A]Stick Fast
[B]Light Stroke As With A Whip
[C]Broken Fragments
[D]Froth; Foam

20. Staid
[A]Lust Full
[B]Two-Chambered, As A Legislative Body
[C]Flashy; Tawdry
[D]Sober; Sedate