Thursday, December 8, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 47

1. Pellucid
[A]Consider; Ponder
[B]Transparent; Limpid; Easy To Understand
[D]Businessman; Contractor

2. Penury
[B]Extreme Poverty
[C]Inhabitant Of
[D]Commit An Offense

3. Perennial
[A]Trick; Shift; Sham Blow
[B]Quote; Command
[D]Something That Is Continuing Or Recent

4. Peripheral
[B]Marginal; Outer
[C]Marginal; Outer
[D]Hugeness (In A Bad Sense)

5. Perpetual
[A]Preceding Events Or Circumstances That Influence What Comes Later; Early Life; Ancestors
[B]Fitness; Talent
[C]Nervous Laugh

6. Pertinacious
[A]Form Of Literature In Which Irony; Sarcasm, And Ridicule Are Employed To Attack Vice And Folly
[B]Meanly Stingy; Parsimonious
[C]Able To Live Both On Land And In Water
[D]Stubborn; Persistent

7. Perversion
[A]Rising Again After Defeat, Etc.
[B]Corruption; Turning From Right To Wrong

8. Pharisaical
[A]Form Of Government Of Nation Or State
[B]Pertaining To The Pharisees, Who Paid Scrupulous Attention To The Tradition; Self-Righteous; Hypocritical
[C]Crazy; Comic
[D]Language Used By Special Group; Gibberish

9. Phobia
[A]Sparing In Eating And Drinking; Temperate
[B]Tending Or Leaning Toward; Bent
[C]Morbid Fear
[D]One Who Studies The Skin And Its Diseases

10. Pillage
[A]Trite Remark; Commonplace Statement
[C]Stinging; Caustic

11. Pittance
[A]Blame; Criticize
[B]Small Allowance Or Wage
[C]Calm; Peaceful
[D]Shrew, Scolding, Brawling Woman

12. Plaintive
[A]Government By Bureaus
[B]Moved Gently By Wind Or Waves
[D]Slavishly Attentive; Servile; Sycophantic

13. Plenary
[A]Holding Of An Office; Time During Which Such And Office Is Held
[B]Complete; Full
[C]Theoretical; Not Concrete; Nonrepresentational

14. Podium
[A]Cause Of Complaint
[B]Pedestal; Raised Platform
[C]An Injury To Body
[D]Strict; Stern

15. Posterity
[A]Little Round Hill
[B]Laying Stress On Niceties Of Conduct, Form; Precise
[C]False Belief; Hallucination
[D]Descendants; Future Generations

16. Potential
[A]Put Under A Spell; Carry Away With Emotion
[C]Expressing Possibility; Latent
[D]Liberal; Wasteful

17. Pragmatist
[A]Rude; Cross
[B]Destruction By Fire
[C]Practical Person
[D]Tax Levied By A Ruler; Mark Of Respect

18. Precept
[A]Something That Is Continuing Or Recent
[B]Practical Rule Guiding Conduct
[D]Stingy; Mean

19. Precursor
[A]Displaying Ostentatious Or Hypocritical Devoutness
[B]Insert Between
[C]Favoring Or Exercising Total Control; Non-Democratic

20. Prosaic
[B]Commonplace; Dull
[C]Vague Statement
[D]Exuberant; Bubbly And Excited

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