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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 46

1. Nuptial
[A]Thrift; Economy
[B]Preceding Events Or Circumstances That Influence What Comes Later; Early Life; Ancestors
[C]Loud, Resounding Noise
[D]Related To Marriage

2. Obfuscate
[A]Equivocate; Play On Words
[B]Confuse; Muddle
[C]Not Compulsory; Left To One'S Choice
[D]Adherence To Established Rules Or Procedures

3. Oblivion
[B]Related To Marriage
[D]Eating Both Plant And Animal Food; Devouring Everything

4. Obstetrician
[A]Stately; Stout
[B]Physician Specializing In Delivery Of Babies
[C]Having The Weight Of Authority; Dictatorial
[D]Marshy Wasteland

5. Occult
[A]Extremely Small
[C]Irritable; Short-Tempered
[D]Mysterious; Secret; Supernatural

6. Officious
[A]Rapidly And Efficiently
[B]Oval; Ambiguous, Either Purposely Or Because Key Words Have Been Left Out
[C]Deliverance From A Charge
[D]Meddlesome; Excessively Trying To Please

7. Opaque
[B]Lassitude; Depression
[C]Fixed Idea; Continued Brooding
[D]Dark; Not Transparent

8. Optimum
[A]Father, Produce; Give Raise To
[B]Most Favorable
[D]Division Of A Poem

9. Ordain
[A]Lower; Humiliate
[B]Without Feeling; Not Affected By Pain
[C]Forgivable; Trivial
[D]Command; Arrange; Consecrate

10. Ornithology
[B]Study Of Birds
[C]Extremely Dry; Very Thirsty

11. Ostracize
[A]In A State Of Rage
[C]Exclude From Public Favor; Ban

12. Paean
[A]Small World
[B]Considerate; Thoughtful
[C]Refine; Purify
[D]Song Of Praise Or Joy

13. Pallet
[A]Stick Fast
[C]Sad; Solemn
[D]Small, Poor Bed

14. Panache
[A]Not Native; Strange
[B]Compiler Of A Dictionary
[C]Flair; Flamboyance
[D]Highest Point

15. Papyrus
[A]Green Crust On Old Bronze Works; Tone Slowly By Varnished Painting
[B]Ancient Paper Made From Stem Of Papyrus Plant
[C]Untimely; Poorly Chosen
[D]Testify; Bear Witness

16. Parity
[A]Serving As An Aid Or Accessory, Auxiliary
[B]Equality; Close Resemblance
[C]Causing Plague; Baneful
[D]Courting Behavior By Cringing And Flattering

17. Partial
[A]Painting On Plaster (Usually Fresh)
[B]Incomplete; Biased; Having A Liking For Something
[C]Distress; Suffering
[D]Make Numb; Stun; Amaze

18. Pastoral
[A]Outwit; Baffle
[C]Favoritism (To A Relative)
[D]Artistic; Dealing With Or Capable Of Appreciation Of The Beautiful

19. Patrician
[A]Deceptive; Not Real
[B]Noble; Aristocratic
[C]Frustrate; Perplex
[D]Deceit; Duplicity

20. Pedant
[A]Flashy; Tawdry
[B]Pertinent; Bearing Upon The Case At Hand
[C]List; Mention One By One
[D]Scholar Who Overemphasizes Book Learning And Technicalities