Sunday, December 4, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 44

1. Lethal
[A]Beyond A Doubt
[B]Untimely; Poorly Chosen
[C]Plan Of A Trip

2. Liability
[B]Honor; Tribute
[C]Drawback; Debts

3. Lieu
[A]Damaged; Disfigured
[B]Comparison Of One Thing With Another, Using The Word "Like" Or "As"
[C]Gradual Wearing Down
[D]Instead Of

4. Linguistic
[A]Rhythmic Rise And Fall (Of Words And Sounds); Beat
[B]Nicety; Cunning; Guile; Delicacy
[D]Pertaining To Language

5. Litigation
[A]Body Of Customers
[B]Festive; Gay; Characterized By Joviality
[D]Handle Roughly

6. Loll
[A]Exclude From Public Favor; Ban
[B]State Confidently
[C]Lounge About

7. Lucre
[A]Extremely Aggressive And Militant Patriotism
[C]Profane; Violate The Sanctity Of
[D]Drive Or Hunt Out Of Hiding

8. Lunar
[A]Favorable; Kindly
[B]Pertaining To The Moon
[C]Delay In Punishment; Interval Of Relief; Rest
[D]Quality Of Being Deeply Moving; Keenness Of Emotion

9. Machiavellian
[A]Brief And To The Point
[B]Like In Elegy; Mournful
[C]Crafty; Double-Dealing
[D]Wishing Evil

10. Magnitude
[A]Very Wicked
[B]Slight Knowledge
[C]Greatness; Extent
[D]Deliver Officially; Entrust; Set Apart

11. Malefactor
[B]Weakness Of Mind
[C]Impartial; Not Supporting One Side Over Another

12. Malleable
[A]Trite Remark; Commonplace Statement
[B]Capable Of Being Shaped By Pounding
[C]Stingy; Parsimonious
[D]Highly Ornate

13. Mangy
[B]Shabby; Wretched
[C]Celebrity; Dignitary
[D]Teasing Conversation

14. Marital
[A]Science Of Preparing And Serving Good Food
[B]Pertaining To Marriage
[C]Wrong Name; Incorrect Designation
[D]High, Flat-Topped Hill

15. Martinet
[A]Bugbear; Object Of Baseless Terror
[B]Strict Disciplinarian
[C]Keen; Shrewd; Having Insight

16. Matrix
[A]Following; Later
[B]Good-Natured; Merry
[C]Mold Or Die
[D]Sudden Violent Change Of Feeling; Reaction

17. Maxim
[A]Gather; Assemble
[B]Proverb; A Truth Pithily Stated
[C]Mistaken; Wrong
[D]Cautious; Careful

18. Meditation
[A]Make A Harsh Noise; Have An Unpleasant Effect
[C]Fixed Idea; Continued Brooding
[D]Reflection; Thought

19. Memorialize
[A]Officer Who Acts As Go-Between For Two Armies
[C]Childish; Infantile
[D]Support; Prop Up

20. Mercurial
[A]Weaken; Enfeeble
[B]Study Of Language
[C]Fickle; Changing

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