Sunday, December 4, 2011

Project Management Quiz - 50

1. A work breakdown structure:
[A]assures all work is identified.
[B]subdivides the project into manageable segments.
[C]provides the project sponsor with a time-phase task summary.
[D]both A and B.
[E]All of the above.

2. For effective communication, the message should be oriented to the _____.
[D]Management style
[E]Corporate culture

3. The scope statement provides
[A]A basis for future decisions about a project.
[B]A baseline to accomplish verification measures.
[C]A baseline to evaluate potential scope changes.
[D]All of the above
[E]B and C only

4. A Work Berakdown Structure is most useful for:
[A]Identifying individual tasks for a project.
[B]Scheduling the start of tasks.
[C]Developing a cost estimate.
[D]Determining potential delays.
[E]A and C.

5. Communication plays a major role in:
[E]All of the above

6. The LEAST effective form of communication for complex situations is:
[A]verbal - face to face
[E]A and C

7. The most common form of organizational communication is
[A]Upward to management
[B]Downward to subordinates
[C]Horizontal to peers
[D]Horizontal to customers
[E]All of the above

8. The most common form of project communication is:
[A]Upward to executive sponsor
[B]Downward to subordinates
[C]Lateral to the team and line organizations
[D]Lateral to customers
[E]Diagonally to the client's senior management

9. The primary source document for establishing the content of the Project Status Report is:
[A]The project charter
[B]The Project Plan
[C]The ASTM Project Document Guide
[D]The summary work breakdown structure

10. A Project Status Report would include all of the following except:
[A]Cost and schedule reports
[B]Changes to scope. cost or schedule
[C]Narrative explanation of variances
[D]Personnel problems on the project
[E]Upcoming activities

11. A negative cost variance and positive schedule variance means:
[A]The project is under budget and ahead of schedule
[B]The project is over budget and behind schedule
[C]The project is over budget and ahead of schedule
[D]The project will be overrun but ahead of schedule at completion

12. The following reports are normally developed during the project closure phase?
[A]Communications Management Plan and Lessons Learned
[B]Records Archive, Closure Report, lessons learned & Formal Acceptance Report
[C]Records Archive, Closure Report, & Specifications Document
[D]Communications Management Plan and Closure report
[E]None of the above

13. Which of the following tools and techniques can be used to collect information for the project closure reports?
[A]Customer Surveys
[C]Document and Performance Analysis
[D]Lessons Learned
[E]All of the above

14. A project manager who, in a deference of opinion with the project controls engineer on how costs are to be reported, dictates the format of the cost report may be said to have a conflict management style.

15. Using the situation the the Special window:
[A]Productivity will increase
[B]His decisions will promote high satisfaction among his team
[C]His decisions will require less time
[D]All of the above
[E]A and C only

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