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Friday, December 30, 2011

Management Quiz - 9

1. Which of the following inventory techniques uses cards to monitor inventory movement?
[A]ABC Analysis
[B]JIT Approach

2. Susan is a General manager at “Divine Corporation” and she is in charge of making sure that the IT department stays in close contact with the marketing department during the implementation of a new e-commerce effort with David as its project manager. Which role is Susan playing?
[A]A figure head role
[B]A liaison role
[C]A project manager role
[D]An operational task role

3. If a group of Afro-American female managers meet once a month to discuss possible career paths within their organization, this is an example of an
[A]Nominal group
[B]Delphi group
[C]Interest group
[D]Quality circle

4. Which of the following is a myth about planning?
[A]Planning is all pervasive and extends throughout the organization
[B]Planning involves choice
[C]Planning is a rational process
[D]Planning reduces flexibility

5. According to the open system model of organizing a boundary-spanning sub-system helps the organization in interacting with
[A]The external environment
[B]Its divisional heads
[C]Its Informal organization
[D]Its labor union

6. A person who focuses on innovation and creativity and transforms a dream or an idea into a profitable venture by operating within the organizational environment is known as

7. According to Bottom-up approach of organizational model, when does a subordinate identify the communication from his superior as being authoritative and try to comply with it?
[A]When the subordinate understands the message
[B]When the subordinate feels that it serves his/her personal interests
[C]When the subordinate is in a position to comply with it
[D]All of the above

8. Which of the following information processing systems gives the output in the form of summary and exception reports that are useful to the managers?
[A]Decision support system
[B]Management information system
[C]Office automation system
[D]Transaction processing system

9. Richard has been unemployed for three months. When his wife asked him, why he was not looking for a job, Richard responded, “If I am lucky, I will get my old job back.” Richard would be considered as having an
[A]High ego strength
[B]External Locus of control
[C]Intuition type personality
[D]Internal locus of control

10. The four basic functions of management are
[A]Planning, leading, coordinating and controlling
[B]Controlling, memorizing, leading and organizing
[C]Planning, leading, organizing and controlling
[D]Coordinating, planning, organizing and challenging

11. Risk is a situation where the decision maker
[A]Knows, with reasonable certainty, what the alternatives are and what conditions and outcomes are associated with each alternative
[B]Has incomplete information about available alternatives but has a good idea of the probability of particular outcomes associated with each alternative
[C]Is not aware of all available alternatives and the probability of the outcomes associated with each alternative
[D]Both (b) and (c) of the above

12. BCG matrix is a portfolio approach that compares various businesses in a firm’s portfolio on the basis of relative market share and market growth rate. In this regard, sometimes called “problem children” or “wildcats”, which of these are new products with a potential for success, but need a lot of cash for development?
[A]Cash cows
[D]Question marks

13. A written document that explains what the corporate culture considers to be "right" and "wrong" behavior is called an
[A]Vision statement
[B]Ethics training
[C]Code of ethics
[D]Ethics audit

14. The principles of management have evolved through different schools of thought. Achieving cooperation of human beings rather than chaotic individualism is a principle of which of the following management schools of thought?
[A]Early views of management
[B]Human relations approach
[C]Scientific management
[D]Administrative theory

15. Which of the following forms of decision-making involves seeking expert opinion iteratively through anonymous participation?
[B]Nominal group
[C]Delphi group
[D]Interactive group