Friday, December 23, 2011

General Knowledge Quiz - 50

1. This personality is the chief of the naval staff. Identify him from the given options.
[A]S. P. Tyagi
[B]J. J. Singh
[C]Arun Prakash
[D]Nirmal Verma

2. This personality is the chairperson of the University Grants Commission. Name him from the given options.
[A]M.V. Kamath
[B]Y.S.P Thorat
[C]Sukhdeo Thorat
[D]Y.C. Nanada

3. Which of the following is NOT one of the awardees of Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna for 2008-2009?
[A]Mary Kom
[B]Vijender Kumar
[C]Sushil Kumar
[D]Abhinav Bindra

4. The chairman of the African Union (AU) is …
[A]Bingu Mutharika
[B]Jakaya Kikwete
[C]Maummar al-Gaddafi
[D]Thabo Mbeki

5. The venue of the 14th ASEAN summit that took place in 2009, was …

6. This personality is the present Secretary-General of the United Nations. Name him from the given options.
[A]Shashi Tharoor
[B]Ban Ki- Moon
[C]Jayantha Dhanapala
[D]None of these

7. The Idea of Justice is a famous work of …
[A]Jagadish Bhagawati
[B]Vijay Govindarajan
[C]Amartya Sen
[D]Soli J. Sorabjee

8. Who is the author of the book “2 States”?
[A]Chetan Bhagat
[B]Arundhati Roy
[C]Vikas Swarup
[D]None of these

9. Who wrote the book titled ‘Indika’?

10. As per the 2001 census, which of the following Union Territories of India has the lowest sex ratio?
[A]Daman & Diu
[D]Andaman & Nicobar Islands

11. The new Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) of India is…
[A]S.Y. Qureshi
[B]Navin Chawla
[C]Wajahat Habibullah
[D]None of these

12. Board of Cricket Control of India (BCCI) is presently presided by …
[A]Jagamohan Dalmiya
[B]Ranbir Singh Mahindra
[C]Shashank Manohar
[D]Suresh Kalmadi

13. Can you identify the automobile manufacturer that launched 'People's car', Nano recently?
[A]Hindustan Motors
[B]Tata Motors
[C]Maruti Suzuki Ltd.
[D]Honda Motors

14. Which of the following personalities holds the world record of scoring a record 15 goals in the history of the World Cup Football tournaments till date?
[A]Gerd Muller
[D]Luis Figo

15. Who among the following is the present foreign secretary to the Government of India?
[A]Madhukar Gupta
[B]Sarbjeet Singh
[C]Nirupama Rao
[D]Shayam Saran

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