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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

General Knowledge Quiz - 47

1. Which of the following symbols is associated with the Zionist movement?
[C]Star of David
[D]Hands of God

2. Alberto Contador is a famous sportsperson. He belongs to …

3. Which article of the Indian Constitution deals with giving effect to international agreements?
[A]Article 262
[B]Article 248
[C]Article 253
[D]Article 263

4. Rotterdam Convention (2004) is related to…
[A]Prior consent for export of hazardous chemicals
[B]Ozone Layer

5. What is paper gold?
[A]Paper made of gold
[B]US $
[D]Crude Oil

6. This person became the first ever Indian to win a Super series event of badminton recently. Identify him/her from the given options.
[A]Anup Shridhar
[B]Saina Nehwal
[C]Aparna Popat
[D]None of these

7. Who is the author of the book titled Tough Choices A Memoir?
[A]Craig C. Barrette
[B]Patricia Dunn
[C]Carly Fiorina
[D]Jack F. Welch

8. Identify the winner of Women's World Cup Twenty 20 cricket tournament that concluded at Lords, London recently.
[B]New Zealand

9. Which of the following electronics companies owns Viera, a TV model?

10. Skoda Automobiles which has launched some premium models in the Indian market,is headquartered at ...
[C]Czech Republic

11. Which of the following countries is NOT a member of G-8?

12. B2B Brand Management, is considered as the bible for branding, has been authored by…
[A]Peter Drucker and Ram Charan
[B]Philip Kotler, Waldermar Pfoertsch & I. Michi
[C]Gary Hamel
[D]Tom Peters

13. Which of the following personalities is the author of The Inheritance of Loss: A Novel?
[A]Vikram Seth
[B]Vikram Chandra
[C]Anita Desai
[D]Kiran Desai

14. King of Pop', bid his final adieu to this world in an unexpected manner .We are talking about….
[A]Elton John
[B]Elvis Presley
[C]Michael Jackson
[D]John Lennon

15. Which of the following represents the present strength of the United Nations (UN)?