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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 38

1. Dissemble
[A]Quick, Sharp Reply
[C]Disguise; Pretend
[D]Sparing In Eating And Drinking; Temperate

2. Dissonance
[B]Very Carefully
[C]Exceed; Surpass

3. Distraught
[A]Restrain; Handcuff
[B]Become Engaged To Marry
[C]Tarnish; Soil
[D]Upset; Distracted By Anxiety

4. Diversion
[A]Not Literal But Metaphorical; Using A Figure Of Speech
[B]Trite Remark; Commonplace Statement
[C]Act Of Turning Aside; Pastime
[D]Indecent; Obscene

5. Document
[A]Discharge; Give Forth
[B]Someone Who Wastes Money
[C]Provide Written Evidence
[D]At Rest; Dormant

6. Dolorous
[A]Pertaining To Cooking
[D]Enthusiasm; Liveliness

7. Drudgery
[A]Enthusiastic Follower
[B]Laughable; Trifling
[C]Marshy Wasteland
[D]Menial Work

8. Dynamic
[A]Dishonest Behavior
[B]Hater Of Women
[C]Small World
[D]Active; Efficient

9. Ecclesiastic
[A]Crack; Fissure
[C]Pertaining To The Church
[D]Large Sailing Ship

10. Edify
[A]Gracious; Heartfelt
[B]Speak Foolishly
[C]Slingshot; A Hurling Machine
[D]Instruct; Correct Morally

11. Efficacy
[A]People Of Standing; Class Of People Just Below Nobility
[B]Food Of The Gods
[C]Take Apart
[D]Power To Produce Desired Effect

12. Egotism
[A]Oddity; Idiosyncrasy
[B]False Testimony While Under Oath
[C]Conceit; Vanity
[D]Sing; Babble

13. Elicit
[B]Lounge About
[C]Fear; Trembling Agitation
[D]Draw Out By Discussion

14. Elysian
[C]Relating To Paradise; Blissful

15. Embellish
[B]Defamatory; Injurious To The Good Name Of A Person
[D]Pull; Strain; Twist

16. Eminent
[A]Favoring Or Exercising Total Control; Non-Democratic
[B]High; Lofty
[C]Having Many Talents; Capable Of Working In Many Fields
[D]Dining Hall

17. Encomium
[A]Legal Delay Of Payment
[B]Wrong; Faulty
[D]High Praise; Eulogy

18. Endue
[A]Pertaining To Memory
[B]Provide With Some Quality; Endow
[C]Hint; Inspiration
[D]Roundness; Sonorousness Of Speech

19. Engross
[A]Providing A General Overview; Summary
[B]Slender Tower Attached To A Mosque
[C]Plan Of A Trip
[D]Occupy Fully

20. Enrapture
[A]Vary; Go In Different Directions From The Same Point
[C]Interjection; Profane Oath
[D]Please Intensely