Saturday, November 26, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 36

1. Conjecture
[A]Scoff At
[B]Surmise; Guess
[C]Pay Costs For
[D]Correspondence Of Parts; Harmonious Relationship

2. Consanguinity
[A]Gradual Wearing Down
[C]Bitterness; Hatred
[D]Book Of Religious Instruction; Instruction By Question And Answer

3. Consonance
[A]Teacher Of Philosophy; Quibbler; Employer Of Fallacious Reasoning
[B]Biting; Sarcastic; Stinging
[C]Person Interested Mostly In External Objects And Actions
[D]Harmony; Agreement

4. Construe
[A]Doctor Who Treats Ailments Of The Feet
[B]Bog; Marsh
[C]Substance That Prevents Infection
[D]Explain; Interpret

5. Contentious
[C]Mongrel; Mixed Breed
[D]Face; Appearance

6. Contraband
[B]Person Of No Importance; Nonexistence
[C]Evasive; Baffling; Hard To Gasp
[D]Illegal Trade; Smuggling

7. Conundrum
[A]Hard; Inflexible
[B]Beginning; Origin
[C]Having To Do With Knowing Or Perceiving

8. Cordon
[C]Long Period Of Time; An Age
[D]Extended Line Of Men Or Fortifications To Prevent Access Or Egress

9. Corrosive
[B]Eating Away By Chemicals Or Disease
[C]Unsuccessful; Fruitless
[D]Public Brawl

10. Coup
[B]Highly Successful Action Or Sudden Attack
[C]Pertaining To Cultivation Of Gardens
[D]Trick; Stratagem

11. Coy
[B]Shy; Modest; Coquettish
[C]Scantly; Inadequate
[D]Violent Anguish

12. Credo
[A]Person Who Looks On The Good Side

13. Criterion
[A]Slaughterhouse; Science Of Carnage
[B]Person Dissatisfied With Existing State Of Affairs
[C]Standard Used In Judging
[D]Temporary Stay

14. Cuisine
[A]Unchanging; Lacking Development
[C]Width; Extent
[D]Style Of Cooking

15. Cupidity
[A]Retired On Pension Because Of Age
[D]Pure; Spotless

16. Cynosure
[A]Pompous Array Of Words
[B]Settle Down; Descend; Grow Quiet
[C]Practical Rule Guiding Conduct
[D]Object Of General Attention

17. Daunt
[A]Study Of Artifacts And Relics Of Early Mankind
[B]Get One'S Bearings; Adjust
[C]Lean And Angular; Barren

18. Debase
[A]Secret; Mysterious
[B]Liable To Err
[C]Legal Delay Of Payment
[D]Reduce To Lower State

19. Décolleté
[A]Examination Of Accounts
[B]Change; Convert To Something Different
[C]Having A Low-Necked Dress
[D]Tear Out

20. Deducible
[B]Pretense; Evasion
[C]Agreeable; Lovable
[D]Derived By Reasoning

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