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Friday, November 18, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 29

1. Simile
[A]Spread Throughout; Permeating
[B]Demeanor; Bearing
[D]Comparison Of One Thing With Another, Using The Word "Like" Or "As"

2. Skittish
[C]Lively; Frisky
[D]Grain Eating

3. Sleeper
[A]Changing Its Habitat; Wandering
[B]Cheerful Promptness
[C]Something Originally Of Little Value Or Importance That In Time Becomes Very Valuable
[D]Eating Both Plant And Animal Food; Devouring Everything

4. Sluggish
[B]Pastoral Song
[D]Slow; Lazy; Lethargic

5. Sobriety
[A]Free; Disentangle
[B]Very Small
[C]Worsen; Diminish In Value

6. Somnolent
[A]Flowing Into
[B]Scatter; Drive Away; Cause To Vanish
[C]Half Asleep
[D]Model; Example; Pattern

7. Sordid
[B]Violent; Rough; Noisy
[C]Filthy; Base; Vile

8. Spatula
[B]Broad-Bladed Instrument Used For Spreading Or Mixing
[C]Corruption; Wickedness
[D]Able To Be Touched; Real; Palpable

9. Splenetic
[A]Like A Fox; Crafty
[B]Defensive Mound Of Earth
[C]Edge, Especially Of A Round Surface
[D]Spiteful; Irritable; Peevish

10. Spurious
[A]Justify; Authorize
[B]Habitually Silent; Talking Little
[C]False; Counterfeit
[D]Random; By Chance

11. Stalemate
[A]Honor; Tribute
[B]Renounce; Give Up
[D]Testify; Bear Witness

12. Statutory
[A]Unable To Be Restrained Or Held Back
[C]Settle A Dispute Through The Services Of An Outsider
[D]Created By Statute Or Legislative Action

13. Stereotyped
[A]Fear Of Being Locked In
[B]Fixed And Unvarying Representation
[C]Prevent By Taking Action In Advance
[D]Correct; Change, Generally For The Better

14. Stoic
[A]Testimony Under Oath
[C]Slander; Vilify
[D]Person Who Is Indifferent To Pleasure Or Pain

15. Strident
[A]Dramatic Poem Set To Music
[B]Loud And Harsh
[D]Banish; Consign To Inferior Position

16. Stygian
[A]Freedom From Narrow Limitations
[B]State Of Being Valuable Or Loved
[C]Gloomy; Hellish; Deathly

17. Sublime
[A]Mix; Work Dough
[B]Collection; Heap
[C]Irreverence; Wickedness
[D]Exalted; Noble; Uplifting

18. Subsidy
[A]Pertaining To Marriage Or The Matrimonial State
[B]Direct Financial Aid By Government, Etc.
[C]Stylish; Sporty
[D]Not Wise

19. Succinct
[A]Hint; Inspiration
[B]Emit (Odor)
[C]Brief; Terse; Compact

20. Summation
[A]Naïve; Young; Unsophisticated
[B]Act Of Finding The Total; Summary
[C]Compiler Of A Dictionary
[D]Crush; Subdue; Inhibit