Monday, November 14, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 25

1. Opiate
[B]chatter idly
[C]sleep producer; deadener of pain
[D]having a low-necked dress

2. optional
[A]pride; arrogance
[B]not compulsory; left to one's choice

3. ordinance
[A]mass of floating ice
[B]superintendent; manager
[C]exaggeration; overstatement

4. orthodox
[A]soothing; mild, dull
[B]traditional; conservative in belief
[C]definite; open
[D]deserter; apostate

5. oust
[A]assent; agree passively
[B]handle roughly
[C]expel; drive out
[D]bearing of fruit; fulfillment; realization

6. painstaking
[A]corrupt; make intemperate
[B]showing hard work; taking great care
[C]opening in chess in which a piece is sacrificed
[D]stimulate by shock; stir up

7. palliate
[A]compulsive, habitual need
[B]ease pain; make less severe or offensive
[C]monumental tomb

8. pandemic
[A]cursing; irreverence; sacrilege
[B]intentional; headstrong
[C]widespread; affecting the majority of people
[D]urge on

9. parable
[A]self-control; formal but distant manner
[B]well-bred; elegant
[D]short, simple story teaching a moral

10. paranoiac
[A]having foresight
[B]rising or swelling like waves
[D]mentally unsound person suffering from delusions

11. parley
[A]derived by reasoning
[B]irritable; short-tempered
[D]brief; terse; compact

12. partiality
[A]repayment in kind (usually for bad treatment)
[B]untidy; careless in work habits
[D]inclination; bias

13. patent
[B]error; misunderstanding
[C]open for the public to read; obvious
[D]in love

14. patronize
[A]pay attention to; consider
[B]support; act superior toward
[C]violent anguish
[D]call by bugles or trumpets

15. penance
[B]self-imposed punishment for sin
[C]private; peculiar to an individual
[D]blunt; abrupt

16. peon
[A]means; effort
[C]capable of being repaired
[D]unskilled laborer; drudge

17. perfidious
[A]highly ornate
[B]state of being immovable
[C]pertaining to country people; uncouth
[D]basely false

18. periphery
[A]hackneyed; commonplace
[B]block; obstacle
[C]edge, especially of a round surface
[D]reduce to lower state

19. perquisite
[A]make hostile; separate
[B]speak distinctly
[C]any gain above stipulate salary
[D]expand; swell out

20. pertinent
[A]superintendent; manager
[B]highly successful action or sudden attack
[D]suitable; to the point

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