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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 22

1. intrude
[A]model; example; pattern
[B]spoil the effect of; make inoperative
[C]trespass; enter as uninvited person
[D]fleeting; quickly passing away; staying for a short time

2. invoke
[A]cheerfulness; kindness; sympathy
[C]call upon; ask for

3. ironic
[A]suggested or implied meaning of an expression
[D]resulting in unexpected and contrary manner

4. irrepressible
[A]provisional; experimental
[B]unable to be restrained or held back
[D]slandering; aspersion

5. jaded
[B]cowlike; placid and dull
[C]fatigued; surfeited

6. jingoism
[A]state of being kind, benign, gracious
[B]extremely aggressive and militant patriotism
[C]short-lived; fleeting

7. jubilation
[A]giving off an odor
[B]writings preceding and following the passage quoted
[D]pierce; put a hole through

8. juxtapose
[A]yellowish; sickly in color
[B]place side by side
[C]tooth protecting from a wheel
[D]stubborn intolerance

9. kith
[A]solemn urging
[B]familiar friends
[C]not essential; minor
[D]aid; assistance; relief

10. lacerate
[A]study of word parts
[C]mangle; tear
[D]quote; command

11. lagoon
[A]secondary or minor occupation
[B]shallow body of water near a sea; lake
[D]fail completely; sink

12. lank
[A]footman; toady
[B]support; act superior toward
[C]distance around something; circumference
[D]long and thin

13. latitude
[A]fickle; incalculable
[B]hardened; unfeeling
[C]freedom from narrow limitations
[D]drive out evil spirits

14. leeway
[A]deduce; conclude
[B]room to move; margin
[C]harm someone's reputation; malign
[D]choosing at random; confused

15. lethargic
[C]idealistic but impractical
[D]drowsy; dull

16. liaison
[A]wool coat of a sheep
[B]officer who acts as go-between for two armies
[C]disposition to be lenient; mildness, as of the weather
[D]concise; abrupt; pithy

17. Lilliputian
[B]remedy; comprehension
[D]extremely small

18. lionize
[A]shred; least bit
[B]spiritual rebirth
[D]treat as celebrity

19. livid
[A]agent; messenger
[B]trifle with; procrastinate
[C]lead-colored; black and blue; enraged
[D]trifles; unimportant matters

20. longevity
[A]ease pain; make less severe or offensive
[B]expand; swell out
[D]long life