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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 20

1. Hackneyed
[A]lessening; reduction in size
[B]dirty; neglected; poor
[C]commonplace; trite
[D]harm someone's reputation; malign

2. Hamper
[A]with reference to; regarding
[B]at rest; dormant
[D]death notice

3. Harbor
[A]acute pain; extreme suffering
[C]provide a refuge for; hide
[D]pertaining to language

4. hazy
[A]porous; allowing passage through
[C]slightly obscure
[D]tawny or grayish with steaks or spots

5. heresy
[A]relentless; unyielding; implacable
[B]the West
[C]tendency to disbelief
[D]opinion contrary to popular belief; opinion contrary to accepted religion

6. hew
[A]following; later
[B]trace; remains
[C]cut to pieces with ax or sword
[D]based on experience

7. hilarity
[A]rapture; joy; any overflowing emotion
[B]boisterous mirth
[C]expert at
[D]private meeting of members of a party to select officers or determine policy

8. hoary
[A]thin; slight; barely discernible
[B]white with age
[C]rider on horseback
[D]complete; full

9. hone
[A]mercy killing
[B]the West
[D]concise; abrupt; pithy

10. hue
[A]stimulate by shock; stir up
[B]color; aspect
[D]limit; confine

11. husbandry
[A]curry favor; act in an obsequious way
[B]frugality; thrift; agriculture
[C]enclosure for birds
[D]resemblance to remote ancestors rather than to parents; deformity returning after passage of two or more generations

12. hypothetical
[A]person who collects coins
[B]restore to good condition; renew
[C]based on assumptions or hypothesis
[D]withholding belief; skeptical

13. illimitable

14. impale
[A]unclear or doubtful in meaning
[B]sharp upslope of a hill
[C]lavish; rich;

15. impecunious
[A]cut off part of body; prune
[C]enrage; infuriate
[D]without money

16. imperious
[A]gross; shocking
[B]precision; minute distinction
[D]atrocious; hatefully bad

17. impiety
[A]substance causing vomiting
[B]bitterness; hatred
[C]irreverence; wickedness
[D]lack of premeditation; naturalness; freedom from constraint

18. implicit
[A]forced; artificial; not spontaneous
[D]understood but not stated

19. importune
[A]warm, sultry wind blown from Africa to southern Europe
[B]beg earnestly
[C]premonition of evil
[D]illogical; lacking reason; insane

20. improvident
[A]having to do with knowing or perceiving
[D]insightful; aware; wise