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Friday, November 4, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 19

1. Foist
[A]disgustingly excessive
[B]insert improperly; palm off
[C]expand; swell out
[D]urgent situation

2. Foreboding
[B]idealistic but impractical
[C]sheer; transparent
[D]premonition of evil

3. Forsake
[A]settle comfortably
[B]desert; abandon; renounce
[C]disturb greatly
[D]cruel; deadly

4. founder
[A]extreme poverty
[B]person who establishes (an organization, business)
[C]monastery or convent

5. frigid
[A]place side by side
[B]made impure or spoiled by the addition of inferior materials
[C]instead of
[D]intensely cold

6. fusion
[A]begin; originate; receive into a group
[B]sudden flood or strong outburst; a large number or amount
[C]union; coalition
[D]spiteful; irritable; peevish

7. gall
[C]bitterness; nerve
[D]recover; find and bring in

8. gamut
[A]private; peculiar to an individual
[C]entire range
[D]temporary invasion

9. garnish
[A]solemn urging
[C]amendment or clause added to a legislative bill
[D]self-evident truth

10. gazette
[A]aggressive; savage
[B]official periodical publication
[D]state confidently

11. genteel
[A]foretelling; mysterious
[C]well-bred; elegant
[D]cruel; deadly

12. gestate
[A]irritable; short-tempered
[B]object to be thrown or projected
[C]evolve, as in prenatal growth
[D]dictated by hatred or spite

13. girth
[A]a place where bees are kept
[B]distance around something; circumference
[C]make less concentrated; reduce in strength
[D]slovenly; untidy

14. glossy
[B]ordinary, unimaginative
[C]smooth and shining

15. goad
[A]yellowish; sickly in color
[B]explain or go over excessively or to a ridiculous degree; attach verbally
[C]witty thought or saying, usually short
[D]urge on

16. gourmet
[A]that is hinted at or suggested
[B]connoisseur of food and drink
[D]courting behavior by cringing and flattering

17. grate
[A]refer indirectly
[B]indifference; lack of interest
[C]width; extent
[D]make a harsh noise; have an unpleasant effect

18. grievance
[A]ransack; thoroughly search
[B]cause of complaint
[D]obedient; easily managed

19. grovel
[A]pertaining to the church
[B]flattery; admiration
[C]crawl or creep on ground; remain prostrate
[D]isolation of person or ship to prevent spread of infection

20. guile
[A]last demand; warning
[B]drive out evil spirits
[C]shrill, trumpetlike sound
[D]deceit; duplicity