Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 18

1. Exasperate
[A]fixed and unvarying representation
[B]calm; peaceful
[C]tilt; lean over

2. exegesis
[A]stately; stout
[B]in love
[C]humoring; yielding; lenient
[D]explanation, especially of Biblical passages

3. exigency
[A]Scandinavian myth; any legend
[B]urgent situation
[D]withdraw; take back

4. expatriate
[A]conceit; vanity
[B]exile; someone who has withdrawn from his native land
[C]divide into branches or subdivisions

5. explicit
[A]providing a general overview; summary
[B]convenient features; courtesies
[C]shrew, scolding, brawling woman
[D]definite; open

6. extenuate
[A]cause of ruin
[B]go through or across
[C]trace; remains
[D]weaken; mitigate

7. extrovert
[A]extremely demanding
[B]person interested mostly in external objects and actions
[C]eating away by chemicals or disease
[D]lure; attract; tempt

8. facet
[A]not influenced by emotions; fair
[B]small plane surface (of a gem); a side
[C]resorting to help when in trouble

9. fallacious
[A]bully; scoundrel
[C]violation of law; sin

10. fanciful
[A]charmingly carefree; simple
[B]smooth and shining
[C]whimsical; visionary
[D]renounce upon oath

11. fatuous
[A]not spacious
[B]foolish; inane
[D]record of descent; lineage

12. feint
[A]quantity of motion of a moving body; impetus
[B]trick; shift; sham blow
[C]unlimited authority or freedom
[D]boat or yacht race

13. fervid
[A]turn away from
[B]study of birds
[D]coolness in a trying situation

14. fiasco
[A]unclear or doubtful in meaning
[B]serving as a model; outstanding
[C]total failure

15. figurine
[A]childish; infantile
[B]stubborn intolerance
[C]small ornamental statuette

16. firebrand
[A]withdrawal; retreat
[C]hothead; troublemaker
[D]delay; dawdle

17. flair
[A]relating to the highest point
[B]miracle worker; magician
[D]pertaining to tailors

18. fleece
[A]public walk
[B]rob; plunder
[C]analysis; cutting apart in order to examine
[D]of trifling significance

19. florid
[A]producing motion
[B]blunt; stupid
[C]flowery; ruddy
[D]servile flatterer

20. fluster
[B]changing in form; fickle
[C]exalted; noble; uplifting

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