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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 17

1. Dubious
[A]contradict; give a false impression
[D]pollute; profane

2. dyspeptic
[A]wrong; faulty
[B]suffering from indigestion
[D]courting behavior by cringing and flattering

3. ├ęclat
[A]slight knowledge
[B]brilliance; glory
[C]stinging; caustic
[D]easily seen; noticeable; striking

4. eerie
[A]authoritative and weighty statement
[C]courting behavior by cringing and flattering
[D]sealed by fusion so as to be airtight

5. effigy
[A]partner in crime
[B]antiquated; ancient

6. egregious
[A]basely false
[B]venomous spider
[C]able to see differences; prejudiced
[D]gross; shocking

7. elixir
[A]deprived of; lacking
[B]small, steep-walled canyon
[C]frenzy; great excitement
[D]cure-all; something invigorating

8. emaciated
[B]thin and wasted
[C]unruly; unchaste; excessive
[D]habitually silent; talking little

9. embezzlement
[A]self-restraint; sexual chastity
[C]change or harden into bone
[D]blindly devoted patriot

10. emissary
[A]sturdy; robust; able to stand inclement water
[B]agent; messenger
[C]banish to the country; dwell in the country
[D]unutterable; cannot be expressed in speech

11. encompass
[A]fitful; periodic
[B]crafty; double-dealing

12. enduring
[A]shallow body of water near a sea; lake
[B]interpret secret code
[C]lasting; surviving
[D]put under a spell; carry away with emotion

13. enhance
[C]advance; improve

14. ensconce
[A]singing or chanting of magic spells; magical formula
[B]settle comfortably
[C]prevent; turn away
[D]trick; practical joke

15. entreat
[A]mangle; tear
[C]plead; ask earnestly
[D]produced by imagination; fanciful; mystical

16. ephemeral
[A]mold or die
[B]short-lived; fleeting
[C]quack; pretender to knowledge

17. erotic
[A]friendly; aiming to please
[B]person who appeals to people's prejudice
[D]pertaining to passionate love

18. esoteric
[B]known only to a chosen few
[C]urgent situation
[D]irritable; easily angered

19. ethnology
[B]crush; subdue; inhibit
[D]study of man

20. evanescent
[A]make void
[B]after dinner
[C]fleeting; vanishing
[D]bring to an end