Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 16

1. Depreciate
[B]prankish; gay
[C]hostile feeling or intent
[D]express disapproval of; protest against; belittle

2. derivative
[A]fret; complain
[B]one who hates mankind
[C]ordinary, unimaginative
[D]unoriginal; derived from another source

3. desolate
[A]kingdom; sphere
[C]rob of joy; lay waste to; forsake
[D]foolish; inane

4. desultory
[A]become worse; deteriorate
[B]aimless; jumping around
[D]move furtively and secretly

5. deviate
[A]legal delay of payment
[B]give in; surrender
[C]turn away from
[D]waterspout carved in grotesque figures on building

6. diabolical
[A]worsen; embitter
[C]operate with hands

7. didactic
[A]erase; strike out
[B]sun's corona; halo
[C]teaching; instructional

8. dilemma
[A]speak evil of; defame
[B]soothing or softening remedy
[C]problem; choice of two unsatisfactory alternatives
[D]designed to create ill will or envy

9. disconsolate
[A]state of being inappropriate
[D]travel; journey

10. discretion
[A]trivial; shallow
[B]destruction of life
[C]living as the same time as; contemporary
[D]prudence; ability to adjust actions to circumstances

11. disheveled
[A]someone who eats too much
[C]unconscious; unreasonable

12. dismember
[B]formal systematic inquiry; an explanation of the results of a formal inquiry
[D]cut into small parts

13. dispel
[A]small excessive group
[B]stealthy; sneaky
[C]young wolf, dog, tiger, etc.
[D]scatter; drive away; cause to vanish

14. disseminate
[A]severe disapproval
[B]obstinately stubborn
[C]scatter (like seeds)
[D]resorting to help when in trouble

15. dissuade
[A]stir up; disturb
[B]hostile; opposed; actively resisting
[C]whimsical; visionary
[D]advise against

16. diurnal
[A]unruly; rebellious
[B]handle roughly
[D]collection; heap

17. diversity
[A]crucial; key; vital
[C]variety; dissimilitude
[D]to be annoyed or vexed

18. doddering
[A]regret; disapprove of
[B]one who abandons his religious faith or political beliefs
[C]shaky; infirm from old age
[D]tact; poise; sophistication

19. dolt
[A]sticky; viscous
[B]stupid person
[D]gloomy; depressing

20. dowdy
[A]like an uncle
[B]appearance of truth; likelihood
[C]slovenly; untidy
[D]government by bureaus

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